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Today, the United States has two major political parties. One is the Democratic Party, which evolved out of Thomas Jefferson’s party, formed before 1800. The other is the Republican Party, which was formed in the 1850s, mostly by people in the states of the North and West who wanted the government to prevent the expansion of slavery into new states.

Most Americans today consider the Democratic Party the more liberal party. By that they mean that Democrats believe the federal government and the state governments should be active in providing social and economic programs for those who need money to go to college.

Republicans are not necessarily opposed to such programs. They believe, however, that many social programs are too costly to the taxpayers. They place more emphasis on private enterprise and often accuse the Democrats of making the government too expensive and of creating too many laws that harm individual initiative. For that reason, Americans tend to think of the Republican Party as conservative.

There are other, smaller parties in the United States besides the two major parties.

Many people from other nations are surprised to learn that among the political parties in the United States is a Communist party and other Marxist Socialist parties. Most Americans do not like the ideas represented by the Communist party and distrust communism in general.

The fact that the party exists, is evidence that there are no exceptions to the freedoms and rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

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