Dating Tip: The Eyes Have It

Charles Cuninghame

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The best pick up line isn't a line at all - it's a look.

Eyes have fascinated body linguists throughout history. We're all familiar with sayings such as “she looked daggers at me", “he has shifty eyes", or “she made goo goo eyes at me".

Eyes are a focal point on a person's body and the pupils give off subliminal communications that are outside your control. Dilated pupils - aka bedroom eyes - indicate arousal and interest. Contracted pupils - aka beady eyes or snake eyes - indicate anger or a negative mood.

There are few simple gestures you can do with your eyes to improve your hit rate in the flirting stakes. A warm smile and an open direct gaze is the best way to show interest in someone and invite contact. But don't leer or stare.

In the US they've done studies in (hetero) singles bars which show that unless a woman looks up and holds a man's eyes and smiles, he will not come over to her. Women can also try a sidelong glance or moving away a little - either with the eyes or the body - and then come forward again. This builds the flirtatious energy.

Once you've made eye contact, all you have to do is say “hi". It's as simple as that.

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Smokey Eyes Make Up Tip to Make You Look Fab
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