Wedding Favors that Have Changed Years of Tradition


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Cling…cling…cling. Cling…cling…cling. That’s the sound of a wedding tradition that has been practiced for many decades. The clinging of glasses at a wedding reception is an open invitation for the bride and groom to steal a kiss from each other. The guests simultaneously make clinging noises with their glasses by lightly tapping a fork, spoon, or knife against the outside of their drinking glass. In agreement with the tradition, the bride and groom usually consent to showcase their affection by stopping whatever they are doing at the moment to kiss each other. This practice is repeated at several intervals throughout the reception. There is no particular person assigned to introduce this task, however, there is usually one person in particular that may choose to be the ring leader (or shall we say the “cling" leader).

Swoosh…swoosh…swoosh. Swoosh…swoosh…swoosh. Rice throwing has been associated with joining a couple together in matrimony since Roman times. It later evolved into a wedding tradition in which guests showered the happy couple with rice to represent fertility. In more modern times, throwing rice at the bride and groom has been strongly discouraged due to some of the potential dangers. Rice becomes very slippery when wet, which poses a hazard to individuals walking along the sidewalk. Rumors have also been spread throughout the wedding industry which suggests that rice throwing is hazardous to birds’ health.

Today, the traditions of clinging glasses and rice throwing are still recognized, but in different forms. As a substitute for clinging glasses, some brides have placed small silver-plated bell wedding party favors at each place setting at the reception. The guests can get the bride and groom’s attention by ringing the bells in unison. At the pleasant sound of the ringing bells, the bride and groom will consent to kissing each other. This alternative is both convenient and versatile because the bell wedding favors also serve as place card holders. Rice throwing is often substituted by blowing bubbles at the bride and groom. Blowing bubbles is not only safe, but it is fun too. Wedding favor bubbles come in many unique styles which will add a decorative touch to any reception.

Although modern times have slightly altered years of tradition, the idea behind these ancient practices still exists.

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