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If you ask a child under the age of four who is their role model, the most frequent response is that of their parents or grandparents. Later, athletes, film stars, artists , singers and politicians come into play, but the cherished memory every grandpa and grandma shares is that of their grandchild pointing them when this question is raised. But years go by and people tend to forget. The child you once were has come to be that peculiar looking person you watch at the nearby window and when the same question pops into your mind or is raised by a friend, you probably pause before attempting to answer something sophisticated or at least logical to the listener. Well, when challenged to face such an awkward moment, my response stands alone and everyone seems astonished that I consider my role model to be someone I have never met while growing up. The image of my father's father, who has died while my father was still a young adult, has been haunting me for years and I consider this amazing individual to be my role model up until this day.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that I adore listening to old stories and my father is a master of story-telling. When one considers that he also adored his father and considers him to be the best friend he ever had, my excitement to hear stories from the crypt of my dad's mind has always resulting in staying up late to hear every aspect of this person's life. Growing up in a rural area of an island, the last among seven siblings, my grandfather was the only one that decided to move from the house perimeter to the unknown land of another country and follow his dream. After studying economics he successfully completed his law degree and stayed in the United States for more than fourteen years before going back home to elope with his beloved female companion, my grandmother, whose family opposed her decision to marry someone that was not of a great social status as she was.

They both moved to the capital city of my country where they stayed for the rest of their lives, and although my grandfather had managed to bring home a small fortune, it quickly disappeared as relatives and friends asked for his help and World War II took away whatever he once accomplished to gain. But, no life's misfortune resulted in him loosing the only thing he carried with until his life's end; his extraordinary confidence that life is beautiful and one should do anything in his or her power to enjoy every single moment of being able to breath. I strongly believe that my grandfather's adventures and his unique life story have shaped me to be the person I am today. Challenged by his fearless nature and his willingness to help others I have been catching myself wondering how he would react if he encountered the same dilemmas I am confronted on a daily basis. My conclusion remains unaltered, even though more than twenty-five years have passed since the first time I heard my father speaking about my grandfather's life choices. Although we are totally different individuals, living in totally different times, I am confident that we share one common thing; that of being true to ourselves.

My sincere hope is for me to continue focusing on what really matters for me in life and helping others attain their goals when I am given a chance. Regardless if your role model is still a member of your family or the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong, my advice to all is to remain true to yourself as years go by and to try to infuse the principles, your role model has given you while growing up, to your children and grandchildren. Their future journey in life depicts from their ability to become aware of who they really are and what they want to succeed before realizing that age has caught up with their dreams.

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Benazir Bhutto, a Role Model
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