Importance of Reading A Woman's Profile In Order To Attract Women

Teddy Shabba

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Online dating is much different than picking up women at the bar or club or any other offline experience.

Yet, most men treat it as if it is a photo pick-up, choosing to email women who they find attractive and not even bothering to read their profile.

It is real easy for woman to determine who has and has not read her profile and with few exceptions a woman will quickly delete any email from a man who has not read her profile.

So how exactly does a woman know if you have read her profile?

From both your subject line and message, your message is always going to be more important than your subject line; however, women who receive lots of emails will delete messages that don't talk directly to her in the subject line. Any email that you send with the message subject line only saying the following is subject to deletion:

  • Hello
  • Hey
  • Hi
  • Hi there
  • Hey there
  • Want to chat
  • You're cute
Now there are many other standard openings that will also get deleted, basically if you use it on every email it is going to be deleted because so does every other guy.

When it comes to the actual message the same rules apply and make sure to never mention in the first email how cute or sexy she is as well as make any reference to sex.

Remember even at a bar or club you wouldn't open a woman by telling her you want to have sex with her or that she is real sexy so don't do it online either.

If you read her profile you will know what she wants to hear and if it is something you want then it should be easy for you to convey that to her as well if even only a hint

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Palm Reading To Attract Women Requires You To Follow 3 Simple Rules
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