Couples Therapy: Is It Right For You?


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Couples therapy is a way to address problems between a couple that are significant enough to cause problems in a relationship. Problems can be internal and external resulting in emotional and physical illnesses. Experiences in life like marriage, childbirth, job changes, relocating, etc can put a strain on a couples’ relationship. When there is pressure and strain, it may be hard for a couple to communicate and try to solve the problems at hand.

This is when couples therapy comes in handy. It can be the means to make sense out of a serious situation before it has damaging effects.

Some couples seek counseling before they make a commitment to marry. It helps them address problems that could prove fatal if left unattended.

It allows a couple to learn how to communicate and solidify a relationship. Counseling also helps couples cope with unexpected life experiences down the road. More often than not, one partner is more interested in therapy than the other. If the interested partner can convince the other that therapy is necessary, this is the first step to making a commitment to the process of caring and sharing about one another. Depending on the therapist, and the amount of work a couple may need to tend to, therapy can last a few weeks to many years of dealing with issues as they develop. Make sure that the therapist you choose is someone you and your partner feels comfortable with.

He or see should be licensed and have advanced training in couple's therapy. There are also prevention programs that couples can participate in including two-week or one-day educational and skill-building workshops and workshops that help couples improve their sex lives.

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