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These speed dating tips will help guide you to more success in your 3 to 8 minutes of dating. That's all the time you have to impress the person sitting opposite you. And if you can't keep them occupied for that amount of time, and make them stay interested in you then you have no chance of them picking you afterwards.

How you look

The first thing the single sitting opposite you is going to notice about you is how you look. If this fails to impress or makes them cringe you've already put yourself in a place probably impossible to get out of. Speed dating events are usually held in nice bars or clubs so the dress code will be smart. This should give some clue as how you should be looking. The men need to be wearing a nice shirt, trousers, and polished shoes. Your going to be sitting opposite the singles with only a table between you so brush your hair, have nice clean hands and brush your teeth. It's the same for the single women although women are usually better in this department. Instant attraction will be a major factor. Once you have this you only have to keep it going for a few minutes.


You will also need to relax when you're opposite your date. There's no need to be nervous, everyone is there for the same reason. You're all there to date each other so getting nervous will only ruin your concentration. You need to be calm and on the ball. You'll be asking as many questions as possible in your time limit, and you'll be answering as many as possible as well. The more you find out about your date, and the more they find out about you the better chance you have of making a connection.

Be confident, but not too confident so you come across cocky. You want to be sitting with a look of interest and complete calmness. The date opposite you will find this attractive if you get it just right. You will have plenty of dates to get used to it so learn as you go on what works, and what doesn't.

Keep the conversation flowing

Keeping the conversation flowing is very important. With such a short time if any silent moments creep in you can forget having another date. Ask open ended questions that can lead into something else that you'll be familiar with. Or brush up on topics that the opposite sex are interested in, and you should keep them happy. The women could learn a bit about their national sport, and put the men to shame. If you can ask a question he stumbles on it should raise a smile, and put some humor into the conversation. This is the time too find out as much as possible about your date. If they feel you're interested in them they will make them feel more interested in you.

Avoid too much alcohol

Never drink too much before the dating starts. You will always get a complimentary drink when you enter the venue but one more after that should be enough. No one is going to be attracted to someone drunk sitting opposite them. Plus you need to be quick with your questions and answers. This won't happen if you've had too much to drink.

Enjoy yourself

Enjoy yourself when you're speed dating. If you don't the single sitting opposite you will see this. The more fun you have you will have more confidence, and this will be in your favor.

Get in contact as quickly as possible

When you find out about who you have matched up with you will need to contact them as quick as possible, but without acting desperate. They will know they have matched up with you so will be expecting the contact. An e-mail or phone call the next day should be enough so you can arrange a meeting before anyone else can.

These speed dating tips should help you get more success out of your small amount of time you have to impress that single sitting opposite you.

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The Speed Dating Rule To Abide To
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