The Impact of Freight Forwarding on Global Politics


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Who would have imagined that the issue of freight forwarding could have been at the centre of a row between the Scottish National Party, civilians and the British government? And yet only a short while ago this is exactly what happened.

It all started when US freight planes were given permission to re-fuel in Prestwick airport in Scotland en route to Israel. The row focused on the fact that the planes may have been carrying bombs and other dangerous materials and that therefore they should never have been given permission to land there.

Community councils and some residents said that they were concerned about aeroplanes that might be carrying weapons flying over built up residential areas.

Whilst a Labour MP is reported as saying:

"I don't think locally we'd welcome Prestwick Airport being used as America's aircraft carrier. "

However, later statements from politicians like Alex Salmond, leader of the Scottish National Party, revealed that the row actually stemmed from something much deeper.

"I believe the government needs to take a tougher stance with Israel", he said publicly.

This demonstrates that he and many politicians like him were not so much against US military freight planes refueling in Scotland but rather that he did not want to help Israel in its struggle against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

This view was shared by seventeen protesters who appeared in court recently accused of causing damage to US military aircraft after entering the airport illegally to demonstrate against the war in the Middle East.

However, other members of parliament contradicted this view saying that Prestwick airport exists to provide a service and that as allies of America in their war on terror we have an obligation to help them realise their objectives. Hezbollah after all is a terrorist organisation which cannot be allowed to attack innocent civilians unchecked. The debate continues.

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