Day of Judgement


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Opening Note: I visited New York City for the first time in February, 2001. My wife and I only had a short one day to discover the Big Apple. It was cloudy and it rained the whole day. We had no umbrella. We got soaked and were cold. But we loved it!! The City has a certain personality, a life of it’s own, and I was completely captivated the entire day.

We only had time to do one building observation deck that day. I chose the twin towers of the World Trade Center. While we were “on top of the world”, I looked across at the Empire State Building and admired the view. I remember looking down and thinking how far it was to the ground, as a tingling sensation ran up and down my spine.

As we were enjoying the view, I discovered I had misplaced my wallet. My wallet had all of our trip money – all cash- inside that wallet. In somewhat of a panic, we contacted Security. Yes, the wallet was found and turned in. Yes, they were holding it for us. We were cordially invited into the hub of security, where we got to meet those who were in charge that day, and they returned my wallet. It still had all the cash in it. We were impressed!

Just a couple of weeks ago, my wife, my youngest daughter, and I were on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. It was our first time back to the Big Apple since that day in February of 2001.

I looked out over the landscape of the beautiful city, and I couldn’t help but notice the missing World Trade Center. I pondered the events of that day, so long ago, when those people were so helpful to us, strangers to us at the time, and made our trip so pleasantly complete. It was a solemn reminder to me that I do not know the fate of those people who had helped us that day.

The attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11 was more than an attack on my country. It was personal. Very personal.

The religion of terrorist militants is not the religion of Islam.

Terrorist militants have a self-devised religion of self-serving aggrandizement and cowardice having no morality and recognizing no authority.

Their god is not the God of Islam. Their god is a god of cowardice, random cruelty, and a pathetic vermin full of lies and deceit. A whimpering coward with a stature of microscopic proportions.

The god of terrorist militants is not dead, but is “death” itself. It cares for nothing and no one, and as with al-Zarkowai, will be the ultimate cause of the violent deaths of all it’s followers, to no real reason or significant purpose.

They will just be dead.

When individuals choose to follow gods of darkness they have no vision and they have no future. They lose their will to act for their lives are swallowed up in a pit of despair and destruction. They have no joy for they have no Light.

They willingly surrender their freedom and their will to the power of evil.

Preying upon the weak and defenseless, they consider it brave when many of them overpower, bind, torture and kill single individuals. It sure requires a lot of courage for a pack of hyenas to attack an injured fawn. How proud they must be! They are lower than the dead-end back alley bullies who can only bleed strength in their cowardly numbers.

Then they slink away into the safety and darkness of anonymity.

They claim to have a cause. There is no cause upon the face of this earth that supports such deficacious acts of cowardly chaos.

The terrorist militant may smile in the steamy darkness like a roach in a manure hole with smug satisfaction, thinking they are not seen, they are not known. But the God of this earth will have His day of judgement and retribution. The blood of the innocent will cry from the earth against their murderers to bind their hands and sever their soul.

God will give us justice.

Bob Curtis has a bachelor's degree in Psychology, and has been writing about the elements of relationships for a number of years. He is the manager of the Essential Sunshine Association, a new website for positive relationship development at .


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