What You Can Learn From the Movie "Failure to Launch" About Attracting Women

Teddy Shabba

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The character Tripp played by Matthew McConaghy in the movie Failure to Launch shows some of the different ways in which a man can attract a women.

In fact if Tripp had his own place with a maid and cook instead of living with his parents he would be what most single guys want to be.

However, he then would also need to figure out a way to dump women who he knew or thought were after him in large part because of his lifestyle and not the person.

Even though he does a variety of interesting things with women on his dates, you get the impression that these are all things that he would be doing even if he was by himself or going out with friends.

Because of this level of comfort the women that he is with develop a strong attraction for him or what he likes to call “the look".

Yet, part of this attraction also is in the fact that the things he do give off this perception of wealth. When you take women to nice places and drive expensive cars, this becomes part of you no matter who you are this is going to be part of your appeal.

Most of the women Tripp meets I would imagine are attracted first to the lifestyle and then Tripp.

This is also why when they give him “the look" he simply takes them to his parent's house.

If a woman really liked him as a person, living with his parents wouldn't matter much; however, women attracted to the “lifestyle" would run just as quickly as the women do in the movie.

If Trip was truly looking for love he would have approached women much more differently. However, since he was just having fun he found much more pleasure into tricking women or I should say deceiving women.

This is also part of the reason why he fell for Paula played by Sara Jessica Parker. When he introduced her to the parents she didn't run instead she accepted it as if she was in love with him unconditionally.

Many times men who can afford “the lifestyle" use this as a means to attract women, which if all you are looking for is fun times, then go for it. If you are looking for a woman who Loves you and will make you happy, then “the lifestyle" technique isn't something that you should use.

When you learn how to attract women your relationships can begin to come from a position of strength. Even though the “lifestyle technique" appears to come from a position of strength it actually comes from a position of weakness as you always have to buy more and more things and risk someone else coming along who can buy her those things as well who she has a stronger attraction for.

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