Seduce and Date Sexy, Beautiful Women: Discover the Best Places To Meet "Hot" Women

Kenneth Oboh

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I have often heard guys complain about not knowing where tor meet hot, sexy women apart from in bars and nightclubs. Andr some guys do not like meeting women in these “night" venues. r The fact, however is that there are many, many other daytimer venues where attractive women hang out and knowing aboutr these places will expose you to a wonderful world of womenr you never thought you would come into contact with.

You really do meet a much broader range of women byr exploring these alternative places. Even the guys who arer comfortable meeting women in bars and clubs don't know whatr they are missing by focusing ONLY on nightclubs.

The first thing to realize is that a particular venue orr type of venue would normally attract a certain kind ofr woman. In other words, you can tell a lot about a woman'sr likely personality by the type of places in which she lovesr to spend her spare time. Sometimes, it might even be thatr the woman is at a peculiar phase of her life and that's whyr she's at that particular venue.

For example, I've known quite a few girls who I met in clubsr several years ago who were “Hard-core" clubbers (I meanr these girls went out clubbing 6 nights a week…EVERY WEEK!). r But today, some of them wouldn't be caught dead in a club. r The reason is because they're now in serious long-termr relationships with their boyfriends or husbands and theyr feel that it's no longer “Respectable" for them to gor clubbing these days. Now, they stay at home and watch DVDsr or go out to a formal “candle-lit" restaurants with theirr boyfriends.

So before you start going to these places, take a moment tor think about the kind of girl you would most like to meet andr what kind of personality she's likely to have. Most guysr don't take the time to do this and then these guys laterr wonder why things don't work out in their sex lives or lover lives. Over 70% of your seduction success depends on askingr yourself this important question before you walk out ther door trying to meet women.

Okay, here we go with some venues.

The Park: If you don't mind meeting young women with kids, r “borrow" your little nephew or niece on a nice summer's dayr and head for the park (there are some absolutely “Stunning, r sexy women that go to the park). You can also do this with ar pet dog (women are attracted to men with pets because theyr see him as a strong, sensitive guy). And another bonus ofr this is that it provides you with the best excuse to taker long walks together with them in the park while you get tor know them better.

College Evening Courses: Find a local college and choose ar course like acting or drama. This won't take much of yourr spare time and you get to meet some of the sexiest girlsr with “killer" bodies in these types of courses. And a bigr bonus here is there aren't many men on these courses. One ofr my best friends just recently did this and he got laid by 27r different girls (ALL HOT, BEAUTIFUL AND SEXY) in under twor months! That's almost an average of a different one everyr 2DAYS!!! This guy walked around with a permanent smile onr his face for weeks.

Cafeterias or Canteens of Office Blocks: Go to any majorr office block (maybe near where you work). Basically, insteadr of going to YOUR boring old “office canteen" where you'llr only see your colleagues, take a short walk to a differentr office block that has hundreds of staff. Just become ar regular and you'll naturally get into chats with some finer women who work there. And you'll be more of a “catch" forr them because you're from somewhere else and you'rer different.

Church: If you're in any way religious. But watch out forr some religious “freaks. " The best way to date church girlsr is to join one of the voluntary groups or societies withinr the church and then that way you can get to meet the girlsr and know their character before trying to date them.

These are just a few examples of how to get creative andr meet more sexy, beautiful women than you're probably meetingr now. And of course, there's also “Online Dating websites"r and many other places. But hopefully, this will get your started in the right direction.

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