Point of No Return

Ed Howes

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No living human beings with the greatest science ever known can save the planet or it’s future. The evolutionist is forced to become a devolutionist as he marvels over six legged frogs and all of nature becomes a carnival and freak show. World War Three has begun or World War One is concluding, depending whether one sees a single war with a changing cast of characters and cease fires, or a hundred years of peace punctuated with violent outbreaks to be numbered. The age of man has concluded and it will require one thousand years of Kingdom Age to clean up man’s mess. Perhaps you think I exaggerate. If you cannot see this, try opening your eyes. See if you have been totally robbed of your imagination.

For many of us, George Bush and his super rich puppet masters are the New Age heralds. As the violent take the kingdom by force as prophesied, the righteous look to heaven as their redemption draws near. As the blood runs in the streets, now in Baghdad and Beirut, tomorrow in America, the world watches the last prophecies unfold and terror prevails despite the promises of impotent war mongers. The excess of evil in the White House can repent tomorrow and not a thing will change.

If you have been unable to believe in a god who would create such men as would rule the world, you will now have unlimited opportunities to reconsider. If you believe the sacrifice for global democracy has been borne by too few, we are all about to catch up with them. The most imaginative of us cannot conceive of our immediate future. Lately I have been grieving that even as millions of eyes are opening only to panic from the new vision, most remain certain the more things change, the more they stay the same. It is like feeling sorry for the folks who ridiculed Noah as he built his ark. They will not hear, they are not supposed to hear or see, to serve as an object lesson for those who do and all the generations to follow. As the water rained down on Noah, the fire which we cannot get enough of, has begun to rain down on us, as prophesied. Seeing this more clearly, a great burden is lifted from my spirit.

As the prophets before me, I speak to those with ears to hear and eyes to see and care not for their names or numbers. If my words mean nothing to anyone, I am not offended. I do what I must do and others all do quite the same. I recently spoke to a proud conservative Republican and asked if he would help me launch a political revolution. He said sure, except he is a very busy man, making lots of money and knows not where he can find the time. It seems the rich and poor now share the same dilemma. No free time. No freedom of any kind whatsoever. There are wars to finance and other great wonders to support. Blessed are the homeless and retired and the prisoners, for they alone have time to consider. And this freedom we do not have is being exported to the rest of the world. Liberty and justice for all.

Now those who have understanding and hope to save the planet can relax. Take a break for twenty years or so. They are not responsible for the near future. It is written. It comes to pass regardless of resistance. For the One who created it all and placed it in the care of mankind, has made His point. No one can deny six thousand years of failure except those who insist it should continue and they are now endangered species. The Lord has once again become the landlord and the unruly tenants are about to be violently evicted. Let them live by their swords, for their time has come, their days are numbered. We have passed the point of no return. Praise God.

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Ed Howes sought and found, knocked and entered. Now he sees things differently. To see more of what he sees, please visit http://www.justanotherview.com or do an author search here at Ezine Articles.


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