Weird World: Two-Faced Kitten Born in Ohio


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Kicking off our new weekly segment called “Weird World" is this two faced kitten which was recently born in Ohio. Saying that this is weird would be an understatement to most people. Some might call it gross, others disturbing, and some might call it just plain hideous. But it certainly falls under the category of “weird". What's even weirder is that the veterinarians cannot figure out how or why the cat was birthed with two faces. I guess this is the type of stuff that not even veterinary school can prepare one for. The cat has two mouths that meow at the same time, and two pairs of eyes which have not opened up to this point.

This story get's weirder though, the kitten has yet to receive any major publicity. I mean in a day and age where women can flee their husbands, fake their own kidnapping, and land a book deal in the process. . . surely something as abnormal and freaky as a two faced kitten could land this family some serious money, and atleast 20 minutes of fame. Hell we have plenty of wanna-be celebs that have stretched their 15 minutes of fame into 2 years and still going strong. Surely there's room in Hollywood for this little guy right?

The owner of the cat has said he wants to name him Tiger. No disrespect to the kid, but I think in this extreme case, we can come up with a little more original of a name than “Tiger" can't we? Maybe something like “Two-Much", or “Double Trouble", or “Dos", or even “Twinster" would all be good names in my opinion. There were worries that the cat would die pretty soon due to his condition, but so far up to this point. . . the cat still remains alive. . and a mystery to boot. I wonder how this has affected the families life. Has it made them local celebrities in their neck of the woods, or has it gained them the label of “Family with the freaky looking two faced cat ?"

I also wonder why this cat hasn't been featured on any of the talk shows. I mean come on, where's Leno, O'Brien, Kimmel, or anyone else jumpin on this thing? So we can get the latest reject from “American Idol" or “The Apprentice" on any number of talk shows but yet a two-faced kitten can't get not one single guest appearance? Puh-lease. The current sideshow on FOX News is a man who's suing “Don't date him" because one of his exes went onto the site and connected his name with numerous STD's and slanderous lies about him possibly being gay. You know what. . as appealing as that current sideshow is (sarcasm). . I think I'd rather see a story on the two-faced kitten. “Tiger", or whatever his name might be now, is more proof that we live in a weird world, which only gets weirder when some really bizarre stuff like this happens.

( View a pic of the kitten here http://img370. imageshack. us/img370/6929/bildedk3. jpg )

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Man Born With Two Heads Amazes Cat: A Lesson In World-Building
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