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Articles about or concerning Filing Trademarks, Trademark History, Trademark Law, And Anything Else Having To Do With Trademarks.
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Beat Your Speeding Tickets- Traffic Ticket Ecrets Review

 Arijit Roul (October 27, 2012)  It is not in the hands of every individual to get spare from the traffic tickets and neither any one wish to take a burden of huge insurance rates on their head. Then how come we can minimize such kind of incidents so that we can get rid of those speeding traffic tickets. An ordinary man cannot afford speeding tickets thus he looks for various sources available online to help him out. .. (Trademarks)

Adam II inc. has a Garage Excavtion ”SITE CUTTING,”

 Rajeev Bhati (October 04, 2012)  “Site cutting” is the term used to describe what an excavating engineer does to prepare a location for construction. It involves removal of debris, and leveling the area, getting it ready for the pouring of the foundation. This preparation work is essential. An un-level surface could eventually lead to weak structures. Excavation experts will see to it that your building .. (Trademarks)

What are eb5 investment visa and its Requirements?

 Alejandro Padua (August 23, 2012)  The United States government recognizes the importance of capital investment for its role in creating employment as well as spurring economic growth. That’s why it has created a program that allows eligible aliens to become citizens by investing their money in the country. This program is called the eb5-investor visa plan. This is the type of visa that enables foreign nationals to . (Trademarks)

Get an experienced corporate attorney to ensure business success

 Alejandro Padua (August 12, 2012)  There are lots of transactions and activities that are always taking place in the corporate and business scene. These include operations such as mergers, acquisitions, taxation, licensing and many others that always need to go according to plan. In addition most of these transactions have high monetary values as well as plenty of stakes from interested parties that there should barely .. (Trademarks)

The Value of Trademarks to Businesses

 Adam R. Singleton (April 01, 2009)  Of course, many companies place high importance on protecting their brand and the way in which a trademark can be utilized to do this. Trademarking is an important, but tricky legal area. A trademark ensures that a company’s goods and brand are protected from those who attempt to cash in on businesses that have a successful idea and reputation. It is very important that a brand .. (Trademarks)

10 Tips to Getting Your Taxes Done by IRS Deadlines

 Jeff Parrack (February 19, 2009)  Let’s face it. Tax season can be a huge bummer for most people, and it seems the more you try and avoid it the more it comes back to haunt you. Although preparing tax returns can be a daunting task, there are ways to get organized beforehand in order to avoid a disaster. The Tax Fairy is not going to excuse you from filing this year but these 10 helpful tips might help alleviate .. (Trademarks)

United States - Use of a Trade Mark

 Shireen Smith (December 19, 2008)  The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) operates a policy quite different to that of the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and Office of Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM) as regards trade mark use. It is important that non-US applicants are aware of this difference before filing a trade mark application in the USA. When applying for a US mark, a key element to bear in .. (Trademarks)

Trademark Registration is Important - Trademark Monitoring is the Key

 Enrico Schaefer (December 12, 2008)  Trademark registration lawyers often get asked the exact same question. Do I need to register my trademark? The answer is no, there is no legal requirement that you register your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office or any other relevant agency anywhere in the world. The moment you start using your brand in commerce, you obtain the possibility of common law .. (Trademarks)

Arbitrary Trademarks

 James Samuel Bell (September 30, 2008)  In the context of trademark litigation, there are several different categories of trademarks. For example, this article deals primarily with arbitrary trademarks. If a particular trademark is determined to be arbitrary or is characterized as being arbitrary, then it means that the trademark has an arbitrary relationship to the trademark for the product or the service that the trademark .. (Trademarks)

Descriptive Trademarks

 James Samuel Bell (September 30, 2008)  According to a Los Angeles trademark attorney and a Dallas trademark attorney, descriptive trademarks are another type of trademarks. Basically, descriptive trademarks are words, terms, or symbols that identify characteristics or qualities of an article or service, like color, odor, function, dimensions, properties, or ingredients are classified as descriptive trademarks. Further, as a .. (Trademarks)

Measuring the Defendant's Profits in a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

 James Samuel Bell (September 30, 2008)  According to experienced trademark attorneys, when prosecuting a trademark infringement action, measuring the defendant's profits can be quite difficult. For example, once court of appeals has used the following factors in trying to determine the amount of profits acquired by the defendant while allegedly infringing on a plaintiff's trademark. These factors include whether the .. (Trademarks)

Product Branding is Important - Take Three Steps to Protect Your Name

 Taylore Vance (September 13, 2008)  In any business it is wise to consider product branding before releasing your creation on the market. It doesn't matter if your product is electronic, such as e-books or audio programs, goods like clothing, or even services. Once your product is on the market you need that product to be seen, recognized, and remembered. The world of marketing is big business, and it's no wonder: .. (Trademarks)

Other Causes of Action For Trademark Infringement

 James Samuel Bell (September 12, 2008)  There are two main causes of action brought under trademark law: (1) likelihood of confusion; and (2) dilution of the mark. With respect to the likelihood of confusion, the basic element is that there is confusion as to the source, sponsorship, or association between goods or services. In other words, a consumer could or would be confused as to which company is providing the specific .. (Trademarks)

Quashing a Federal Subpoena For a Non-Party Registrar in a Trademark Case

 James Samuel Bell (September 12, 2008)  If your client receives a subpoena in a trademark case, you should consider filing a motion to quash and a motion for a protective order. As a general rule, the trademark attorney should make sure that the subpoena is not procedurally defective. As a general rule, most of the time, practitioner's issuing the subpoena violate the federal rules which leads to the subpoena being .. (Trademarks)

How to Protect a Trademark

 James Samuel Bell (September 11, 2008)  According to Los Angeles trademark attorneys, if a trademark owner fails to protect their mark, it could be construed that the owner of the mark may have abandoned the mark. Remember, according to a Los Angeles Trademark Attorney a trademark is only good to the extent that it identifies the source of its goods and/or services. According to a Dallas trademark attorney, the first thing .. (Trademarks)

Watering Woes in the Indian Bottled Water Industry - Creating and Protecting an Identity (Trademark)

 Chirag Tanna (September 06, 2008)  Tussle over taming the grandeur of the highest mountain range in the world for a commercial venture has reached the courtrooms. Aquifers nestled in Himalayas have been used by the Tata Group (previously Mount Everest Mineral Water Ltd. ) and Bisleri International to source a premium segment of bottled water (enriched in minerals) as a launch-pad to hoist their international flags and .. (Trademarks)

How to Register a Trademark - Employing the Services of a Trademark Or Patent Lawyer

 John B Mayall (August 23, 2008)  Innovations come up everyday and people are always bent on discovering something new and making it distinct from those of their competitors. Therefore, there is always the need to protect these from the illegal activities of pirates. You should always think of protecting your innovation because this may be the sustenance to your whole life. Figures have shown that people have had .. (Trademarks)

Five Reasons to Register Your Trademark Or Service Mark

 David Staub (August 18, 2008)  Many small businesses think that registering their trademark or service mark is a luxury that they cannot afford. The filing fee at the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office is $325 for each mark in each class and if an attorney is used, as is usually the case, there are legal fees as well. If the business is small, and plans to stay small, the owner reasons that filing an application to .. (Trademarks)

Trademark Law in India

 Sudhir Aswal (June 29, 2008)  Indian Trademark Law has been codified in conformity with the International Trademark Law and is about to undergo an amendment to be at par International Trademark Law. Recently India has signed Madrid Protocol that will allow Foreign Applicants to file an International Application designating India like many countries around the globe e. g China. Though unlike China and many other .. (Trademarks)

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

 Kerry Fox (June 20, 2008)  For many businesses today, intellectual property plays an increasingly important role. The value of intellectual property to a business can be significant. Think about the most popular brands. Chances are, one of the first things to come to mind is the design, or ‘look’ of that brand. Logos, images, and phrases are repeatedly displayed in advertising and on packaging until .. (Trademarks)

Starting a New Business? Using a New Trademark?

 Deborah Sweeney (June 17, 2008)  There are numerous advantages to securing federal registration of a trademark. Perhaps the most important advantage is that federally registered trademarks are national in scope, regardless of the actual geographic use made of the mark. This national scope contrasts greatly with the limited geographic range of common law trademarks. Additional substantive benefits received through .. (Trademarks)

Likelihood of Confusion - The SAM Rule

 Shannon Moore (January 31, 2008)  When filing for a Federal trademark, it's important to keep the SAM rule in mind. Who's SAM? SAM's not a person but a concept employed by the USPTO during their review process of new Federal trademark applications. The USPTO will refuse registration “if the marks are similar and the goods and or services related. " So basically marks do not need to be exact conflicts to be .. (Trademarks)

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