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Preventing Accident Injuries The Importance of Seat Belts


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When two or more cars collide, it can result in extensive damage to not just the vehicles, but also severely injure people traveling in them. Most such injuries are a result of someone being flung around within the confines of the car and sometimes, even out of the car. One of the best ways of avoiding such damage is for the driver as well as passengers to wear appropriate seat belts when traveling.

How Seat Belts Help
As the car moves, the bodies of people inside also constantly move, and this motion stops as the car stops. Under normal conditions, as a car slows to a stop very gently, the body has time to attune itself to this and therefore, we do not notice it stop moving almost simultaneously. During a collision though, there is a sudden break in the car’s movement and this does not give your body enough time to stop moving on its own. Therefore, there are often situations when you may be hurled forward, backward or sideways or worse, even out of the car due to the impact of the collision. As many an ICBC claims lawyer in Vancouver will concur, being tossed around in this manner is often the cause of injuries in not just the driver but also the other persons traveling in the car. No wonder then that seat belts of the three-point harness variety are fitted onto each seat in the newer vehicles.

These belts restrain such uncontrolled movements during a collision and although there can be bruises because of the body straining against the seat belt, these are minor injuries compared to those that can result from being thrown around.

Using Seat Belts
To some people, especially young people, or those who drive on roads where traffic is light, wearing a seat belt may be an irritant, and they may avoid it entirely whenever possible. However, it is vital to remember that however small a trip or however light the traffic, an accident can occur irrespective of whether you anticipate it or not. In keeping with the logic of “better safe than sorry, ” it is good to make a habit of wearing seat belts. If children are traveling in the car, it is have them sit in the center of the back seat and strap them into the seat belt to ensure their safety. Another important point is to ensure you use an appropriate seat belt that serves to restrain the upper part of the body; lap belt designs are ineffective in preventing injuries in a collision.

Ask any ICBC claims lawyer in Vancouver about spinal cord or neck injuries during a car accident, and he or she is most likely to say the injuries could have been avoided or the magnitude reduced had the occupants of the car been wearing seat belts. In other words, the proper use of seat belts is an important factor in minimizing injuries during car crashes and everyone ought to strap in before they rev up their engines.

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