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Being a Good Pedestrian by Personal Injury Lawyers Vancouver


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According to recent studies by researchers at the University of Maryland in USA, pedestrians whose attention is distracted by listening to headphones are more likely to have serious injuries or even die in accidents. According to the study, injuries from such a cause have gone up by at least three times during the past six years. This is an important point that pedestrians ought to pay attention to – not only are you at risk of injuring yourself, but if the car driver’s lawyer can prove that you were inattentive, even the best of personal injury lawyer in Vancouver may be incapable of helping you get compensation.

Safety Tips for Pedestrians
Wearing headphones through which you play your favorite music may be a good way of enjoying your walk; however, it can severely impair your ability to listen to the honking of vehicles that warn you of their presence. As a result, fatalities are more common than if you had been paying attention.

Headphones are not the only culprits, though. Chatting or texting on cell phones or speaking animatedly with someone as you walk together is equally hazardous when it comes to diverting attention off the road and your surroundings. Do not use headphones or cell phones when you walk; avoid looking at window displays of stores and keep your attention strictly on the road.

For drivers who are trying to view traffic all around them, it can be quite difficult to notice you specifically. However, it is relatively easier for a pedestrian to view the vehicles closest to them which are most likely to pose a danger to their safety. When you walk on the road, stay alert and pay attention to the traffic around you.

Wherever possible, keep off the road and use the walkways provided around the edges of the road. Especially when you walk at night, make it a point to increase your visibility by wearing a reflective vest or dressing in light colors so that drivers can identify your presence with ease.

Wait to see the walk signal and then cross only at designated points that drivers expect pedestrians to use; simply walking across at any other place is almost sure to increase the chances of an accident as drivers zip by, least expecting a pedestrian to be there.

That traffic rule you studied in school about looking to the left as well as right before crossing the road was not just something to be memorized for the exam and then abandoned. Every year, several pedestrian clients consult personal injury lawyers in Vancouver to sue for damages sustained in a road accident but the fact remains that most such injuries could have been avoided had the person followed the basic rules for pedestrian safety.

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