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3 Safety Tips for Pedestrians


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For all the gadgets we have today to make our lives easier and more comfortable, we still are in one great hurry. Nowhere is this as evident as on the road – people driving are in a hurry to reach their destination as are pedestrians walking on the road. No wonder then that the accident rate seems to be an unending upward spiral. As a pedestrian, you definitely cannot control how people drive; however, you can certain follow a few tips to keep yourself safe and out of harm’s way.

Follow Traffic Rules
If you are involved in an accident when walking on the road, and consult an icbc claims lawyer in surrey to file an injury claim, the first thing he or she will want to know is whether you were on the right side of the law. In other words – were you following the traffic rules when the accident happened? If you are clearly in the wrong, there is not much chance of receiving any compensation from ICBC.

Make sure you follow the traffic signals, cross at the designated pedestrian crossings and look towards the left and right before you cross. Remember that drivers may make a dash as the light turns amber and steer clear of getting in their way. Always walk on the sidewalks rather than on the road; if there is no alternative because there is no sidewalk, make it a point to walk facing the traffic, always on the road’s left side.

Stay Attentive
When walking, stay attentive to what is happening on the road. Chatting animatedly with a friend as both of you try to cross the road is a strict no; so is texting or chatting or browsing with your cellphone and listening to music going full blast through your headphones. These are activities that tend to be highly distracting and when crossing roads, even a fraction of a second when you lose focus can put you at risk of being hurt by a vehicle on the road.

Make Yourself Conspicuous
People wearing bright colors are more likely to be noticed by drivers than those in dark colored clothes. If you need to go out in bad weather when there is poor visibility, make sure your clothes are bright enough to make your presence conspicuous or use a jacket, shoes or a cap that reflects light. This will make you noticeable to vehicles driving with headlights on. If the driver is closing the gap at a turning where you plan to cross, check if you can make eye contact to determine who moves and who waits; if not, patiently wait for him or her to move before crossing the road.

If you are in an accident where a vehicle has knocked you over and fled the scene, you can still receive compensation from the ICBC. However, to avail this benefit, you have to report this accident within 48 hours to the police as well as ICBC. Without a police file number, even the best ICBC claims lawyer in Surrey cannot help you get compensation for your injuries.

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