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7 Most Common Reasons for Car Accidents and How to Avoid them


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Driving has gone from an activity of convenience and pleasure to one that also poses extremely high potential danger. Factors and reasons like distractions, ignorance of danger signals and overall stress has lead to an increase in road accidents causing material and personal damage that may sometimes be irreversible.
This article highlights the 7 most common reasons for car accidents and also briefly gives pointers on how they can be best avoided.

1. Talking- Whether it is talking on the cell phone or talking to the other passengers in the car, irrespective talking is one of the biggest reasons for causing distraction while driving. It forces the drive to divide his attention away from the wheel and focus some of it towards the listener. Talk, but keep your eyes on the road.

2. Music- As impossible as it seems, music actually contributes to being one of the more prominent distractions while driving. Especially for those drivers who thoroughly enjoy their music and tend to get a little lost in the beats. Music playing on the car recorder or listened to it through earphones is both dangerous if played loudly. Play music softly and make sure it is not too soothing or too catchy as either could distract you.

3. Speed- Even though speed limits are enforced throughout the city, there always a bunch of rule breakers who might be speeding for no real reason. Even if you are amongst those that follow traffic rules to the tee, there is a good chance that an oncoming vehicle might be speeding and will crash into yours, thus causing an accident that you may not be able to avoid. Uncontrolled speed is one of the most common factors that cause road accidents. Stay within speed limits, there is nothing more important than your life.

4. Texting while driving- Simply not speaking on the cell phone does not amount to adhering to the cell phone rule. Texting or instant messaging while driving is an equally big offense and a sure shot invitation to danger. Most people text and do not call, to avoid getting caught, however texting can turn out to be even more dangerous as it compels you to take your eyes off the road. Do not text while driving, stop your car and text if it is supremely urgent and cannot wait.

5. Sleep disorders-If you suffer from sleep disorders and tend to fall asleep without warning, do not drive. These could be extremely dangerous and will not only put your life at risk but also of others who are riding with you. Also avoid driving when you have had multiple late nights and are sleep deprived.

6. Drinking before driving- According to an ICBC lawyer, one of the main causes of fatal accidents is a drunk driving. Alcohol forces the driver to lose part of his senses and he is often not in control of the vehicle. Yet again, there is no harm in drinking, everybody deserves a good time, but it is important that you are sensible and designate a non drinker to drive you or better still take a cab or ride the bus.

7. Faulty vehicles- Service your vehicles regularly. The last thing you want is to be in an accident because of a faulty vehicle part or a tire burst causing the car to break down or go out of control.

Most often road accidents are caused by stubbornness and inability to follow simple rules and regulations. Road accidents if not fatal, can cause immense injury and damage that can ruin your entire future.

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