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Whiplash and cognitive difficulties (concentration and memory)


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There are many whiplash victims who experience that they have high cognitive problems, ie problems with being able to concentrate or remember. Unfortunately memory and concentration problems, one of the consequences are too many people who suffer from a whiplash injury.
Parts of these problems can be attributed to pain, because there is no doubt that the pain caused by the damage to the neck and shoulder in its naturalness, also can affect memory and concentration.
But in order to determine whether they are cognitive problems associated with your whiplash injury, you need to have a neuropsychological examination.

Such a neuropsychological examination, consists of you would have to solve different tests / tasks. Looking at concentration, language, memory, problem solving and the pace you solve various tasks.
Based on the interview you had before the examination about school, business, education, hobbies, other illnesses you have had, and housing everything to give a true and accurate result.

When the neuropsychological examination is complete, there will be written a specialist statement which identifies the resources and difficulties you have. In relation to you being able to get on with life even though it´s in the form of rehabilitation, part time or something else in short, you’re working capacity and the difficulties you have with the whiplash injury .
I myself have been through such an examination related to my own whiplash and must confess it is hard to have to read this kind of specialized statements.
So if you have as whiplash injury and suffer from cognitive problems, so remember to get the problems highlighted so they can be included in your claim if you are such a claim. But not least that you are aware of them related your daily life, so you can take the steps needed to function.

Here are a few tips that may help you.

  • Do you need to write longer texts, so cut them into several pieces. It takes longer, but there are not many errors in them.
  • Do not read long texts online, print them out.

  • Make it a habit to write down all appointments in your calendar on your phone and PC , in short write everything down.
  • Always make a shopping list, otherwise you'll probably forget half of it.
  • Remember to get the sleep you need.

  • Get the right pain treatment, so the pain doesn’t have to great influence on the cognitive problems .
  • Admit to yourself that there are things that you can´t do anymore, and accept the limitations on what you can do.


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