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Some Major Facts About Compensation Claim Related To Medical Product Liability


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Getting into an accident whether it is auto accident, slip and fall accident or medical malpractice can have a devastating impact on the life of the injured person. And people can actually claim for medical product injuries if they suffer from injuries due to defective medical equipment, appliances, supplies in the hospital, equipment used in the diagnosis, artificial devices for replacing body parts or missing body parts, implants used in surgery, transplants for organs, hearing and visual aids, and many more. Thus, products that come in this category can be the subject of a medical product liability lawsuit if the patients go through severe injuries caused by them. In these kind of injuries there is a statute of limitations that is a certain period of time to bring a lawsuit should be considered before going for a claim, and it is the experience of the personal injury lawyers that count here, as they know very well how to deal with such cases.

All the provinces in Canada have their certain time period that allows the victims to file for compensation but in certain cases where product liability is involved victim can claim for compensation even beyond that time period. The personal injury lawyers in Ontario say that as in other product liability cases, the claimants in the medical product cases bring up the issue of the producer’s or the company’s failure to warn the consumers about the great dangers involved in using its products. Therefore, companies have liability of explaining the consumers about the side effects and dangers of the product and warn them about the consequence that consumers may endure after using the product. A good and experienced personal injury lawyer usually knows about the thin line of differentiation between a product liability action that involves defective medical equipment and an action involving medical malpractice. The lawyer, in fact, determine under which law the compensation claim should be filed.

Product liability claim are not simple claims. It is not easy to prove that the injured has been medically harmed by the product and it happened due to the negligence on the part of the company. A good lawyer know about it and prepares the case to prove all these matters. In most cases, the injured person is told ahead of time about the clinical procedures that he or she goes under. Sometimes, the accident happens due to have incorrect procedure. Thus, seeking legal help from a professional personal injury lawyer in Toronto can turn out to be of great help as it eases the task of claiming compensation for that medical injury.

In case of head injuries, though many people go through minor injuries that include cuts, bruises, and bumps and make a good recovery at the same time, but sometimes these injuries can turn out to serious problems in future. These injuries are often related to brain injuries which can be classified into mild, moderate or even severe cases depending on the extent of the injury. The patient can suffer from complication that include variation in sense of touch, taste and smell. In some cases the patient can suffer problems with the speech. There are sometimes cases where babies suffer from damages in skill or brain leading to cerebral palsy. If you or one of you loved in get into an accident due to faulted or dangerous product, faulted medical equipment or medical supplies, or get hurt due to the negligence on part of hospital or clinic, you should consult with a qualified lawyer and learn about your right. Thus, people suffering with such related medical injuries can even claim for head and brain injuries through professional personal injury lawyers. 

If you have got involved in an accident, a Personal Injury Lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve. Talk to our Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer and get free consultation for your claim.


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