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Motorcycle Accident Awareness in LA

Rainier Policarpio

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With the crowded roads in Los Angeles, riding motorcycles indeed position a person at high risks on the roads. Although it gives the riders more freedom of maneuvering, its normal built creates great possibility of serious injuries or fatalities in cases of accidents or collisions. Motorcycles also have the following characteristics that make it unsafe:

  • Motorcycles lack metal cages to protect its drivers against serious impacts that might occur during the trip

  • Motorcycles do not have safety belts that prevent the rider from being thrown away during accidents

  • The small size of a motorcycle tends to prevent other vehicle drivers to notice it especially when it is positioned the larger vehicles’ blind spots. Bad weather conditions may also contribute in further making a motorcycle difficult to see.

    Aside from these dangerous characteristics of a motorcycle, other factors may increase the risk of road mishaps:

  • Road condition - even a small piece of stone can cause a major motorcycle accident. This is why the riders should keep their eyes on their track and avoid road hazards such as potholes, debris, uneven pavements and puddles among others.

  • Unskilled riders - operating any type of motor vehicles carries out large responsibilities. This is the main reason why a driver must be skilled enough to operate his vehicle. A motorcycle owner, therefore, must be aware of its operating procedures as well as its inherent limitations.

  • Speeding - most “wobble accidents" occur due to speeding above the limits. High speed, augmented by misaligned wheels can cause a motorcycle to lose control and fall down.

    Due to these dangers of riding a motorcycle, the riders must be aware of the safety precautions to implement to prevent the underlying consequences that might come face to face with them. Further, they should also understand their rights provided by the existing laws and know how to pursue their claims in case of accident involvements.

    However, some law provisions carry out intricate terms that may only give further hardships to any motorcycle accident victim. Hence, it would be better to consult a LA motorcycle accident lawyer for proper guidance on what laws may apply in a particular case and how to establish a strong claim against the party at fault.

    Determining fault and liability in a motorcycle accident can be so tedious and difficult. Here, the plaintiff must be able to prove some basic elements of his case in order to be eligible of damages and remedies provided by the applicable laws.

  • The other party has been imprudent or negligent with his/her responsibility

  • The other party's negligence has been the “proximate cause of the accident

  • The plaintiff has sustained damages and/or injuries from the accident

  • The plaintiff has not exercised any actions or violations that may increase the effects of the accident

    An injured plaintiff must also consider other issues in pursuing a motorcycle accident legal action. In some incidents, a manufacturing company may also be held liable in assembling a defective motorcycle. Here, the legal concept of the Product Liability Law may apply.

    Thus, it is very vital to have someone who has the expertise in handling such cases. Hiring the services of a LA motorcycle accident lawyer can give an injured victim greater opportunity of recovering high and rightful compensations.

    To avail of the services of skilled Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers , you can log on to our website and have your case evaluated .

    Rainier is currently among the proud members of the Mesriani Law Group that serves clients in Los Angeles, California. He was tasked to write articles and legal contents to further enhance the knowledge of the internet users regarding Personal Injury, Labor Law, Business Law and Social Security Disability.

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