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Discuss Auto Accident Personal Injury Settlements


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Every year, thousands of auto accidents take place that cause serious injuries to people. If you are involved in an auto accident caused due to another person's fault, you are entitled to compensation.

Are you considering claiming compensation for your injuries but are worried that it may involve a tedious court battle? In that case, you have nothing to worry. The insurance company of the person responsible for the accident will invariably propose an auto accident personal injury settlement that will save both parties further hassles.

What is important however is that you negotiate a good settlement by refusing to settle for a smaller amount than you are entitled to. You can do this by remaining firm and setting a no-nonsense tone while negotiating with the representatives of the insurance company.

Here are five tips to help you in your first discussions with the insurance company when they contact you for a auto accident personal injury settlement.

Identify the caller

When a representative from the insurance company calls on you, first ascertain whom you are talking to. Note down the representative's name, telephone number, the name of the insurance company he is working for, his office address, and the person he is representing. Keep a record of all this information in a file so you can find it easily when you need it.

Limit the information you give out

During the first call itself, the insurance agent will attempt to find out as much information as he can. At this stage, the only details you should give out are your name, telephone number and home address. You are not bound to answer any queries relating to your job, income or give any details of family members.

Do not discuss your accident

For auto accident personal injury settlements , the accident itself plays a huge role. Be careful not to give out too many details of your accident during the call. The only details you should divulge are basic facts like when and where the accident occurred, and the vehicles involved. Giving out more information than you need to could compromise your position and lead to a reduced auto accident personal injury settlement.

Do not be bullied into a settlement

The insurance company representative's job is to get you to settle for minimum compensation claim . Do not allow yourself to be rushed into a quick settlement. Stand your ground and negotiate towards the amount of compensation you deserve.

Diana Joseph has an in-depth knowledge in dealing with in injury claims. She has written numerous articles on injury claims issues, particularly those involving car accident and other topics of claims. Start your claim now .


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