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What most people don’t realize is that when Child Protection Service gets involved in a case there are several other people that will get involved in addition to the concerned children and their parents. You will often find other parties such as neighbors, coworkers and friends pulled into the case with some acting as witnesses while others are brought in to offer temporary residence for the children. If children have been removed from the home the foster parents become as affected as the adoptive parents; anyone who gets involved with CPS need the services of CPS lawyers who will help them know their rights so they can navigate the complicated legal system that is involved.

Parents: It is usually parents who have the most personal or potentially serious interaction with CPS during any investigation; this is because as a parent you will be treated as the prime suspect in any case involving child abuse or neglect. Once you are a target of their investigation, it doesn’t matter whether you actually did anything wrong; it is always very easy to make wrong decisions when you are dealing with CPS workers with tings becoming worse when you have an injured or traumatized child. While some CPS lawyers in Fort Worth will tell to cooperate with CPS workers there are still others who will tell you not to talk to them; the truth remains that all cases are different and how you respond will be dictated by the subject under investigation. Look for an experienced CPS attorney to help know how to deal with your situation.

Friends and family members: If your child needs a temporary or permanent placement outside your home, CPS will always give priority to members of the extended family including uncles, aunts, grandparents or family friends. You need to know how to communicate with CPS from the word go so your you can get considered to provide a foster home for the child involved; if you are seen as trying to defend the parents are every opportunity your home is less likely to be considered as a safe placement. This is why you need to consult a competent CPS defense attorney who will help you to formulate a winning strategy to approach CPS and be ready to fight for you so the process can be expedited.

Foster parents: When a child is removed and CPS cannot find appropriate family members they will find a foster home as they try to help the parents involved to solve any problems that may have caused the child to be taken away in the first place; if the parent’s rights are terminated the child can become available for adoption.

Hire the right attorney: When you decide to choose CPS lawyers in Fort Worth, it is important to select someone who is very familiar with the policies, laws and the procedures that are involved in your case. You want to be sure that the attorney you choose is someone that you can trust to hold your hand throughout the procedure; divorce lawyers in Fort Worth are a good option you can try.


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