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Looking For a Illinois DUI Lawyer?


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We have all heard of the horror stories that all so often happen to “other people". Things are serious in the state of Illinois regarding DUI and DWI related offenses. Not that they were not serious in the past but it is evident that Illinois is looking to lead the pack when it comes to DUI convictions and consequences which we will expound on further in this article. How many times have you seen flashing lights ahead of you and felt the impeding doom of the possibility of a police road block. Having and speaking to a qualified and competent Illinois DUI Lawyer is critical to your financial well being as well as your mental well being.

We all have those friends who has given us barside advice on what to do if presented with the situation but so much of that well meant advice is forgotten or not applicable to your situation. Today keeping your hands at 5 and 2 o'clock on the steering wheel is still advisable but how much should you say? If you have been drinking should you admit it because you think you are below the legal limit? What are cops after when they pull you over? Innocent people?

The laws in the great State of Illinois are constantly under review and augments and revisions are constantly pending. The afore mentioned police road block certainly seems unconstitutional but the reality is that it must be posted in a well circulated ledger or newspaper that the odds of you reading and finding are a fraction of your shoe size. Many second time offenders are facing jail time and revocation of their driving privileges.

While the consequences have become very onerous the old adage of “get a good lawyer" still holds true. Their competition like any other field has escalated over the years and there exists an abundance of them in a saturated industry. Simple laws of supply and demand take over and you see the cheap, unprofessional late night television commercials touting their guarantees and success rates. Clearly finding a DUI lawyer is not difficult and even negotiating a competitive rate is attainable as they know you can go just down the corridor. The bottomline is the end result and the status of your life going forward.

The great “Land of Lincoln" state is making more than obvious strides to be recognized as the most aggressive state of the union with regard to compliance and consequence. This applies to DUI charges as well as DWI offenses. DUI representing driving under the influence as opposed to DWI which stands for Driving While Intoxicated. Depending on the levels and the nature of the incidents both can be equally severe and change your life forever.

Springfield has recently seen legislation presented that a motorist still has the right to refuse a breathalyzer but that triggers the right of the police officer to arrest you and take you to the courthouse whereby they have a judge working a graveyard shift order that a phlebotomist draw your blood with or without your consent. Yes, that is correct, you can be strapped down and have blood drawn against your will.

Whether or not the above describes an event you have gone through or heard about or simply wish never to go through it is paramount that you educate yourself in the laws of the state and the different procedure of the counties. Is this standard operating procedure in Cook County the same as Putnam County or Dupage County? The nuances may surprise you and could mean the difference between you seeing jail time or receiving probation.

There are many ways to research this highly combustible topic , but the reality is if you do not at some point of your process speak to an Illinois DUI Lawyer you risk much more than a differential in paying higher fines. You could be risking your liberty and your driving rights for many years if nor permanently! is a website devoted to providing you with the best information regarding DUI lawyers. If you would like more information for Illinois DUI Lawyers or would simply like to know what could happen with a sentencing, we have you covered!


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