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Articles about or concerning Labor Law, Department of Labor, Federal Labor Law, Fair Labor Standards, Child Labor, Labor Ready, Labor Unions.
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End of Service Benefits Comparison of Gratuity under the UAE Labor Law and DIFC Laws

 Hassan Elhais (October 10, 2016)  Employees are eligible for Gratuity at the end of completing full years of service. This gratuity is calculated as 21 days of salary. Salary, in this case, excludes any allowances for housing or car etc and considers the basic salary of the employee. Both the DIFC Law and the UAE Labour Law No. 8 of 1980 take an almost identical position on the issue of severance pay. The DIFC laws .. (Labor Law)

Know your Labor Rights in the United Arab Emirates

 Hassan Elhais (August 15, 2016)  Some Employees do not know their rights upon the termination of their employment contracts, so the issue has to be carefully considered. Introduction - This article shall elaborate on the duties employer’s regarding registration of employees and the rights of employees after the termination of their labor contracts in the UAE. In general terms, all expatriate employees who wish .. (Labor Law)

Legal Jobs - Best 10 Legal Job Prospects

 Chanhalika Sen (November 08, 2012)  With new career avenues obtaining invented and newer laws being designed to sustain them, there has been a sudden spurt in the amount of legal job opportunities throughout the nation. Quite naturally, legal jobs have become among the hottest and most wanted jobs in the present scenario. High paying as well as on the satisfaction level, these new legal jobs are now being lapped up by .. (Labor Law)

Top Questions about Dowry Law

 Meghan Jones (August 29, 2012)  The custom of dowry is still followed in many parts of the world. It is very important for a couple to know their rights regarding dowry, in case the marriage ends. However it may be difficult fighting for dowry rights in some countries as they do not recognized dowry. You can always ask legal experts if you want more information on dowry and the different dowry laws. Q. An Indian who .. (Labor Law)

Network On A Legal Forum To Get Genuine Advice For Any Legal Query

 Logan Warne (April 05, 2012)  Legal Advice is known for its high costs and there are times when all one needs is some information on a particular form or the proper paperwork that is required before filing a case etc. Visiting a lawyer is an expensive prospect and almost all lawyers will charge some fee for their time for any kind of advice that you need. There are also times when you would have to take an .. (Labor Law)

The Need for a Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

 Samantha Lopez (January 16, 2012)  Incidents of domestic violence, because of their nature, usually are unreported. Of those that do get reported, are therefore acted on by the authorities, a few were mere fabrications - false accusations stemming from some ulterior motives like vengeance, desire to gain advantage in divorce and custody proceedings, to cover up infidelity and so forth. A bigger number though were the .. (Labor Law)

Texting and Driving: A Deadly Combination

 Hazel Miller (July 29, 2011)  In 2009, 5,474 people were killed on U. S. roadways and an estimated additional 448,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes that were reported to have involved distracted driving. Statistics also show that those most likely to text while driving are 20 years old and under, the most inexperienced class of drivers. The official US government website on distracted driving reports that, .. (Labor Law)

Drugs and Driving on the Rise in Houston and Nationally

 Hazel Miller (March 28, 2011)  Although driving under the influence of alcohol has decreased, driving under the influence of drugs is on the rise. According to the Houston Chronicle, Harris County officials say that drug-impaired driving cases, which include both illegal drugs and/or prescription drugs, have risen dramatically in the past 10 years. Recently, the National Highway and Transportation Safety .. (Labor Law)

What Does It Mean For a Product To Be Recalled?

 Hazel Miller (March 28, 2011)  The recent Toyota vehicle recall – which has affected more than 7 million cars, via a sticky accelerator and floor mats that interfere with the gas pedal – has brought car safety and recalls to the forefront of many people’s psyche. Yet, with the confusion surrounding a product recall of this size, it is important to understand what the recall means. Many people assume . (Labor Law)

Selecting a Mediator in a Car Accident Lawsuit

 Ron Miller (December 21, 2010)  The majority of the cases our Maryland accident lawyers handle involve auto accidents and truck accidents in the Baltimore-Washington area. Our lawyers have already recovered millions of dollars in compensation for car accident victims by settlement or trial in 2010. call our law firm at 800-553-8082. There are a number of things to consider when choosing a mediator to assist in .. (Labor Law)

Disability Attorney Insurance Warning - Disability Insurance Can be Terminated

 Gregory Dell (August 13, 2010)  Long-term disability insurance plans usually have two levels of disability coverage—“own occupation” and “any occupation”. While plans differ, it is quite common for the “own occupation” phase of the plan to only last for two years before the qualifications for continuing to receive disability payments become much more strenuous. A claimant must . (Labor Law)

Bronx construction accident attorney - Guide to fight against Loss

 Blauman Jose (May 03, 2010)  Construction accident refers to any accident occur on the construction site. When such construction accidents occur at the owner of the site, construction engineers and labor in charge are held responsible. Personal injury attorneys should work towards the welfare of the injured worker. If they failed to be responsible for such accidents the injured worker should approach the .. (Labor Law)

Guess What – You’re Fired

 George Manty (December 29, 2009)  A Donald Trump Primer on Employment Law in Texas One of the most common calls I receive in my office are calls involving employment situations. On a weekly basis I’ll get a call from someone who was fired regarding their situation. The call invariably ends with the question, Can they fire me for that? About nine times out of ten, the answer is yes. Texas is essentially an .. (Labor Law)

Understanding Law at Work

 Markus Milligan (October 21, 2008)  Creative Contracts needed if - or when - new Agency rules arrive In May 2008, the Government agreed with the TUC and the CBI to drop its resistance to the proposed EU Agency Workers Directive (AWD), providing that it gave agency workers the right to ‘equal treatment’ (in other words, basic pay) after 12 weeks on an assignment. In effect, its support was conditional on being .. (Labor Law)

Small Businesses Can Have Boards Too

 Michael John Quinn (September 09, 2008)  There is the common perception that Company Boards are associated only with large scale corporations and are usually comprised of highly (over) paid, but highly experienced executives. In today's competitive business world small business owners are beginning to realise that they too can benefit from having a board of expert advisors to assist with various aspects of the business’ . (Labor Law)

Online Grievance Tracking The Future of Union Grievance Procedures

 Justin Cecil (July 29, 2008)  It can easily take a union official two hours to locate a lost grievance document. And unfortunately, documents are often permanently lost or misfiled. These lost documents are expensive to replace and can be extremely hurtful to the union member who expects his or her grievance to be properly managed by the union. Not to say that the union is completely at fault for these mistakes, it . (Labor Law)

The Problems With Prevailing Wage in New York State

 Jeff Welcher (July 28, 2008)  Let me start with an important notice and fact - ‘prevailing wage’ is not prevailing in the way that most people think of it. Miriam-Webster's dictionary defines ‘prevail’ as: To be frequent; predominant; continue in use. Now for prevailing wage in New York State, the term prevailing just means the highest wage currently being paid. It is not the arithmetic .. (Labor Law)

Is Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Condition Caused by Work?

 Joe A Shaw (July 14, 2008)  Is carpal tunnel syndrome caused by work? Well that is obviously a hotly debated topic among medical and legal experts. Different states have different workers compensation laws (work comp for short). Some states say that even if the person has a risk factor for carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) or a pre-existing condition, and it can be shown that his work activities “aggravated" .. (Labor Law)

Can Staring Be Considered Harassment at Workplaces in California?

 Arkady Itkin (July 12, 2008)  It is commonly known that sexual harassment at workplace involves unwelcome acts of sexual nature by a co-workers or a supervisor, such as unwelcome touching, repeated unwanted propositioning, conditioning employment or promotion on sexual favors, etc. Offensive conduct, however, need not be sexual in nature to create a hostile work environment in the workplace. Hostile non-sexual .. (Labor Law)

Important Employment and Labor Law Provisions in Los Angeles

 Rainier Policarpio (July 09, 2008)  In the United States, the Department of Labor takes charge in implementing above 180 laws that are related to employment. Hence, if you are working in Los Angeles, California, you might as well be covered by these provisions, which possibly give you rights and privileges as well as set rules in various aspects of labor and employment. This is the main reason why it is indeed important .. (Labor Law)

At Will Employment and Discrimination at Workplace in California

 Arkady Itkin (June 22, 2008)  It is very important to understand that there is a big difference between the employer's conduct that is simply unfair and the one that is actually illegal. Just because your boss yells at you, criticizes your performance or gives you boring, low-level work, doesn't mean that his conduct is illegal. In fact, it's most likely to be legal and not to be confused with discrimination at .. (Labor Law)

French Vs American Labor Law and Policy

 Nicholas Prieve (June 20, 2008)  U. S. Public Sector Labor Policy The public sector comprises the largest section of organized labor in America and continues to grow. Educators, nurses, police officers, and government employees have become heavily unionized or involved in other professional organizations. Although most of the major pieces of labor legislation exclude public employees, they will be increasingly .. (Labor Law)

Increasingly Contractors Are Sourced to Work For Businesses But What Are the Issues

 Sean Cravenplan (June 17, 2008)  Contracting Out Services It is becoming increasingly unusual for businesses to directly employ staff to work in the areas of cleaning, catering and security operations. It is more common for businesses to contract out these ancillary services to specialist companies. One of the major advantages is that a business does not then directly employ the cleaners, catering staff and security .. (Labor Law)

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