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How to Protect Your Assets Through Rental Background Check


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Anyone with rental properties should perform a rental background check on individuals who are interested in renting out their house, apartment or other investments. Once you do this, you would receive useful information about the man or woman, giving you an objective way of deciding if they are the type of people you'd like to be your new tenants. Since rental properties should be your assets, you should do everything you can to protect it from malicious people.

For landlords, picking a tenant can be a difficult task because they usually make their decisions based only on a single interview. Landlords prefer tenants that would pay rent on time, while ensuring that the condition of the house remains taken care of. Most landlords have experienced playing hide-and-seek with tenants when it comes to paying the rent, or their rented properties have been trashed. Although a rental background check would not guarantee you would not experience these situations anymore, you have a greater advantage in weeding out people who have histories of such offenses to their other landlords.

A rental background check provides information about a particular individual's aliases, tax liens, judgments, evictions, civil litigations, criminal records, sex offender registration, bankruptcies, current vehicle registrations and existing address. It would also include a verification of identity, social security number verification, the place and date SSN was issued and information about their current neighbors.

From these given information, landlords can determine which people to trust their properties with and which people are not worth giving a shot. Although the rental background check would not tell you that a person is “suitable for renting properties", the information listed would provide you with a chance to make a decision based on facts, rather than first impressions. Unfortunately, since a rental background check comes with a fee, most landlords disregard obtaining such records for every tenant application not knowing that the paperwork could be all worth the money, time and stress wasted on an irresponsible tenant.

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