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Find a US Immigration and Visa Lawyer That Will Meet Your Legal Needs


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If you own a business and wish to hire foreign nationals as employees, you'll find that hiring a U. S. immigration and visa lawyer can make the process easier. But how do you choose the right visa lawyer? You'll need a lawyer that can meet the demands of your business today and in the future. A green card lawyer should be ethical, knowledgeable and experienced in the areas of immigration law in which your company needs assistance.

Areas of expertise may include one or all of these employment green card areas: H-1B Visa, L-1 Visa, PERM, PERM Labor Certification, B-1 Business Visa, E-1, E-2, or E-3 Visas, O and P Visas, O-1 Visa, or R-1 Visa. If you need to pursue employment of a foreign national through an H-1B Visa, look for an H-1B lawyer that offers services pertaining to this type of visa.

It's also important to know the legal requirements for practicing immigration and visa lawyers in your state. In the states of Florida, Texas, California and North Carolina, for instance, there are programs established to recognize the immigration law practice as a certified legal specialty. Attorneys that wish to practice within these states must pass exams and perhaps take special legal courses on green card law. Some states require immigration lawyers to receive a recommendation by other lawyers that specialize in immigration and be admitted to practice law in that particular state.

Consult with Others

You can consult with other business associates or lawyers to find a reputable green card lawyer in your area. You might want to read through publications that target lawyers to find recommendations. There are also online services that provide lawyer recommendations, service listings, and other helpful information. Once you find possible U. S. immigration and visa lawyers online, check to see if they have their own website listing the services they provide. Contact each attorney with questions to determine if they will be able to help in your situation.

Speaking with an Immigration Lawyer

When talking with a lawyer, be sure to ask about their credentials, education and experience. With pen and paper in hand, ask about the costs of the legal work, time involved, and what's included (as well as not included) in their services. Find out if there are additional charges for services such as photocopying, filing fees, phone call consultations, etc. During your search for a green card lawyer, be sure to take note of how each one handles your questions. Do they return your phone calls or answer e-mails promptly? Do they answer each question willingly and thoroughly? Do they talk openly about their fees and the services included?

Once you've chosen a U. S. immigration and visa lawyer you feel comfortable with, you might want to ask what things you can do or paperwork you can provide to save time and money. Saving your attorney time can greatly reduce your attorney fees if being charged by the hour. Also, be sure to make copies of all your documents, or any documents belonging to employees such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, college transcripts, licenses, diplomas, etc. Give copies to your lawyer and keep your originals.

When consulting with your green card lawyer, always be completely truthful about your situation and needs. Keeping the truth from your lawyer can result in serious consequences that can hinder your case or result in legal action.

With these tips in mind, go online today to find a U. S. immigration and visa lawyer that can help you through the legalities of hiring immigrants. Your company and its employees will benefit greatly!

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