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Great Britain is Tightening Up on Immigration, Visa Rules and Rejecting Old Friends

Alastair Harris

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Great Britain is tightening up immigration and visa rules and rejecting old friends.

No one should be mistaken the long history Australia and New Zealand have with Britain. The Union Jack is on the flag of both countries for a reason. Both had the majority of settlers from Britain, speak English, have a British based form of government and have the Queen as their head of state. That is why is was a shock down under when Britain is talking of changing long term immigration policy.

Britain has a long history of difficulty on immigration with politicians speeches of ‘blood on the street’. Much of Britain is no longer British with urban ghettos of various cultures from around the world creating a ‘multicultural’ Britain for better or worse. In fact it is often said if you want to go to a real English city you need to go to Christchurch, New Zealand or for a Scottish one - Dunedin. Certainly the current political situation with Muslim Britain shows the dramas immigration has created and that all is not so rosy with having all the colors of the rainbow.

Now Britain is taking even closer steps to Europe and faces a flood of immigrants from the former Eastern European countries. So what does the British government do? Is talks of tightening up on immigration and getting rid of the grandfather clause. The Grandfather clause allowed one if they had a grand parent born in Britain to get a visa to work and live in the country for 4 years. From down under a six month visa was also available - there is now talk of getting limiting this to 3 months and getting rid of the grandfather clause all together. I'm not sure how my British grandfather would feel about this, but as his grandson - I'm not happy.

Once again the British elite - much to the frustration of real British people - takes a step closer to Europe and dumps on its heritage. What was the point of all those centuries of empire building, wars, deaths, and transportation - if you are only going to spit on it at a later date - Queen Victoria would be vomiting in her grave. I would be also interested in the legal power a native of New Zealand has in automatically claiming British citizenship as guaranteed by the Queen in 1840 under treaty!!

The fact of the matter is if Britain cuts this last link to its former friends down under we may as well cut the union jack off the Australian and New Zealand flags and throw the Queen out as head of our state because Britain will have demonstrated that Europe is their only concern. If that's the case - don't come calling for us to get involved in your next war, or expect the flock of tourists you currently have from our countries - I'm off to visit the great wall of China instead!

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