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Identity and Password Theft Prevention - Do You Have Multiple Accounts and Passwords?


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Identity and password theft is very common those days and bringing loss to individuals and companies. Hackers sit for hours and hours trying to break passwords to log into your private accounts stealing important information such as credit card numbers among others. Now there are sofisticated tools for such tasks making life easier for hackers. It is easy to guard yourself against password and identity theft if you follow those very easy and simple steps provided in this article.

Firstly, I would advise you to use complex and different passwords for all accounts. So, if one password is leaked, the others are safe. There exist also situations where u get auto generated passwords and you are not allowed to key in your own password. But is not always easy to remember all these accounts and passwords. Human tends to forget easily or they get confused. Confusion may lead to cancellation. Shocked? The fact is that when someone is confused, he'll keep trying different username or passwords. Some sites allow only 3 tries and if you go beyond this number of tries, they will either cancel your account or simply reset it and you will to go over it again which is a real pain. You may tend to write down your IDs and passwords on a piece of paper or diary. Or you are used to keep them in a text file or word document. But these are never safe.

So, you need a tool or software which can not only remember all your passwords or accounts, but which can also keep them safely. This is where a password manager software comes into play. Also we should keep in practice changing our passwords every week or every fortnight. Fot that, we definitely need a password manager. You have to use a password manager software which can encrypt information strongly. There are many password manager softwares on the market nowadays but I will personally advise you to use Exquipass Password Manager because you can keep not only IDs and passords, but it allows you to store your secret notes as well. It is the cheapest password manager tool, straight forward, very easy and friendly to use. Exquipass encrypts my information very strongly. With Exquipass, I can backup my passwords and IDs easily on a pen drive or whatever external storage may it be. It stores all the information in a file but even having the file in hand, nobody can ever access it due to it's strong encryption. So, with Exquipass password manager tool, you need to remember only one password and the rest, the software will remember it for you. Exquipass will definitely simplify your life and it is indeed the safest one.

You can find more information on Exquipass Password manager or download a free version of this software at Exquisysltd official website which is


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