Night Drop Boxes, Easy Target for Crooks; Companies Must Use Quality Drop Box for Financial Security


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If there's one place companies want criminals to stay out of, it's their money drop boxes. Such pieces of equipment need to be indestructible and only offer access to the permitted individuals. When depositing money at night, it's important for both the area to be well lit and the drop box to be easy to use. Night drop boxes are an easy target for crooks, who often take advantage of the darkness and lack of witnesses to pry them open. It is therefore imperative for companies who value their financial security to use night drop boxes of the highest quality.

In addition to damage caused by criminals, night drop boxes are also susceptible to natural damage from the elements. Humidity, snow, rain and heat can contribute to rust and an overall deterioration that can affect a drop box's ability to protect its contents. Another problem is that most packages are too big for most traditional mailboxes. The standard mailbox design has served home and business owners well for over a hundred years. However, in today's world of internet shopping and larger package size, traditional mailboxes may cause logistical problems.

For example, if you have a package being shipped to you that is too big to fit in your mail box, and you are not at home to receive it, chances are your delivery person will be forced to simply leave the package on your resident or business's doorstep where anyone can access it. That will make it vulnerable to theft.

Not only can the actual package be stolen, but any information contained within can be used as well. In a world where there is a growing rate of identity theft, staying protected from such data predators is of the utmost importance.

By law non-mail carriers cannot leave packages in your regular mailbox. For those who are not home during deliveries, this means either a trip to a delivery center or unattended packages left on the front step. Non-mail carriers must have a secure place to deposit oversized packages while you are away. A Drop box is ideal for those who regularly receive packages from services such as FedEx, UPS or Airborne Express. The email package delivery portal is for use as a commercial drop box as well as a regular mailbox that conforms and surpasses all federal regulations.

The CurbVault™ is the most effective theft-proof mailboxes. Its 1/8-inch steel plating is nearly indestructible, guaranteeing that personal information contained within won't get into the wrong hands. The CurbVault™ is built in two layers. The first of these is smaller, and can be easily accessed by anyone: this is the outgoing mail slot. The second employs a drop box mechanism to allow mail to enter, but it makes unlawful retrieval of mail very difficult indeed. The only easy way to get the mail out of the CurbVault's™ 3,200 shaft is to use the special rear-lock door. The CurbVault™ comes in a variety of colors and can be installed wherever one might put a regular mailbox. It is designed with features such as rain channels, mildew-resistant exterior and rust-resistant hinges. Installation is fast and easy; it doesn't require a concrete base to be secure. To learn more about The CurbVault™, contact Mail Theft Solutions, Inc. , at 1-866-990-MAIL, otherwise via the web site at:


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