How Do You KNOW if Your Identity Has Been Stolen?


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As our lives become more dependant on conveniences like credit cards, the Internet and other technologies we also open up doors to opportunistic thieves. These identity thieves seek to use our name, credit and money to steal and commit fraud. Victims are left fighting – sometimes for years – to overcome the debts, clear their reputation and deal with the emotional consequences of being victimized.

With estimates of nearly 10 million Americans being victimized within a year along with millions of others around the world it is crucial that you learn the steps you must take to prevent, identify and combat identity theft.

Did you know that thieves do more than just steal credit cards? They can open new accounts or commit fraud in your name and you may not even realize it until the creditors or police come to get you!

Did you realize that many of the methods identity thieves use can be easily prevented by taking simple precautions?

Are you aware of the ways that identity thieves find your information? Methods used to steal your information right in front of your eyes without you ever being aware of it? By not knowing these methods you may be making yourself an easy target!

If you know that your personal information has been accessed or otherwise tampered with there are steps you must take to stop the thieves and try to repair the damage. It is important to stay alert to signs that your information is being used without your consent even when you don’t suspect you’ve been a victim.

Staying alert to these signs will help you respond quickly if your identity has been stolen:

Unfamiliar charges or withdrawals

Always check your bank and credit card statements and make immediate inquiries to unfamiliar charges and withdrawals.

Missing mail

If your bills and other mail have gone missing a thief may have broken into your mail box or had your mail redirected to a new address.

Calls from Creditors

If you are being contacted by creditors you did not do business with you need to take immediate action to find out who has.

New Credit Cards

Receiving new credit cards or bills that you didn’t sign for is a danger sign that your identity may have been stolen.

Denial of Credit

Unexplained refusal of credit requires investigation on your part. You need to get access to your credit report right away.

You could be a Victim of Identity Theft - Learn the 14 common mistakes and 5 Red Alerts that you’ve been attacked. Learn What to Do If you’ve been Victimized and How to Prevent Thieves from Targeting You!

The Identity Theft Guide


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