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Articles about or concerning elder care as it relates to law, Elder Will, Elder, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Estate Planning including Taxes, Medicaid, Disability, and long-term care issues as it deals with law, Guardianship, Conservatorship and Commitment Matters, Fiduciary Administration, Consumer Protection, Nursing Homes and Power of Attorney Issues, Medical Care Directives.
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What You Should Know About Elder Care

 Lora Davis (May 14, 2018)  As baby boomers age, more and more attention is being paid to the concepts of elder care and elder law. What is elder care? Elder care is an area of law and legal practice that specializes in the needs of the elderly. Aging individuals have a unique set of needs. In the past, these were all handled by family. But, as family structure has changed and adult children do not necessarily .. (Elder Law)

How to Prepare Your Aging Parents for the Fast Looming Future

 Lora Davis (December 21, 2017)  Family dynamics are bound to rapidly change a as parents and grandparents quickly age. If the family unit is not functional, it can be challenging to determine at what point the adult children in the family should begin making decisions. An Elder lawyer Red Bank suggest family meetings to ensure that everyone in the family comes to an agreement concerning several issues like care for .. (Elder Law)

What a Personal Property Memorandum Can Do For Your Estate Plan

 Evan Guthrie Law Firm (May 30, 2012)  When you make a will as part of your estate plan there is a portion that is reserved for specific bequests or items that you want to give to a person. Instead of listing all of your personal property one by one in your will there is a manner that will allow you to give items away to specific people in a much easier way. A Personal Property Memorandum that is available in most states is . (Elder Law)

Get Rid of Cocaine Addiction Once and For All

 Smith Harper (August 01, 2011)  Cocaine addiction has reached almost epidemic proportions in the United States of America. A 1997 study found that nearly 1.5 million people regularly abuse cocaine, and it is estimated that 10 percent of the world's population has tried cocaine at least once in their lives. Every day in the United States, 5,000 people will try cocaine for the first time, which isn't surprising .. (Elder Law)

What Everyone Needs to Know About Sexual Assault Charges in a Child Investigation

 Smith Harper (July 07, 2011)  Child Protective Services (CPS) investigations can be intense, but add allegations of child sexual abuse into the equation and it becomes a much more serious matter. When CPS enters the picture, you may find yourself bombarded with investigators who have already decided on your guilt. If this is the case, a Houston criminal defense attorney can advise you of your rights and help protect . (Elder Law)

3 Key Things You Should Do If You’re Suspected of DWI and Are Asked to Submit to a Blood Test

 Smith Harper (April 02, 2011)  Every year tens of thousands of people are stopped by the police and questioned about whether they might be under the influence of alcohol. Police automatically inquire about alcohol whenever they pull someone over late at night. Many people who are pulled over and have only had one small drink often wonder what they should say and do if they are asked to take a field sobriety test, .. (Elder Law)

Boomers - "Rich" Targets For Estate Looters

 Lou Ann Anderson (December 17, 2008)  "Gone to Texas" was a phrase used by Americans immigrating to Texas in the 19th century and is applicable again today as the Baby Boomers (Americans born 1946-1964) begin to retire and relocate, as in times past, to Texas. Georgetown, Texas, was just named a top retirement town by Where to Retire magazine and a recent report by the North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement lists .. (Elder Law)

How to Create a Power of Attorney

 Rama Lingam (December 06, 2008)  Without knowing the nuances of creating or entrusting power and understanding its legal implications, many of us become victims by becoming a party to a Power of Attorney. They are often misguided by the non-professional people called document writers and self-styled village lawyers, who are utterly ignorant of the legal principles involved in a Power of Attorney. Power of Attorney is .. (Elder Law)

How to Give Someone Power of Attorney

 Nick Fagan (June 26, 2008)  A Power of Attorney is a form that can be used to legally authorize some one else to handle your financial affairs. For an example, many times people give their dependent mothers the legal authority to withdraw money from their bank account while they're away on vacation. The most important thing to understand about (General) Power of Attorney forms is that they are only for giving .. (Elder Law)

Validate Your Practice Trust Factor

 Diana D'Itri (June 24, 2008)  For those business owners who sell products online, making sure that interested prospects find their websites - and competitive pricing - is really all it takes to grow a successful ecommerce site. Not so with professional service providers. Selling yourself is not quite the same thing as selling a book or a bouquet of flowers. Many people are looking online for doctors, lawyers and .. (Elder Law)

Florida Traffic Tickets My Guardian Angel Saved My Life

 Dirk Bristol (June 21, 2008)  My Florida traffic tickets seem to have every cop in the state looking for me. Wherever I drive, the FHP, local cops or County Sheriff appears in my rearview mirror or hiding in the bushes. They say speed kills. . . my guardian angel has saved me. . . so far. I found out that it's pretty easy to have your Florida Drivers License suspended for traffic tickets. All you need is 12 points .. (Elder Law)

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