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Shoplifting In New Jersey Will Cost You More


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Shoplifting varies from state to state. Normally for this type of case, shoplifters are faced to do community service, fines and jail time. However, New Jersey has a different way of punishing up their shoplifters that is a bit interesting. Storeowners in New Jersey are by far secured from shoplifters because they will not only be able to recover all the monetary losses due to shoplifting, but they also has the right to recover the court costs. Thus, the convicted shoplifter will not only for the crime he or she made but for his or her conviction as well.

What are the acts to be considered as shoplifting? In New Jersey shoplifting are judged in many different ways including the act of not paying the merchandise by intention. It can also be an act of paying less than the full tag price of a certain item. Another act that is considered as shoplifting in New Jersey is taking merchandise outside the store by hiding it in your body or in mixing it into the items, you are carrying. Altering, removing, and or transferring price tags are also considered as a shoplifting act in New Jersey.

The moment a certain person is caught shoplifting; he or she will immediately be penalized for such act based to the full retail amount of the item or items he or she had stolen. An example of this statement is that, if one had stolen an item that is equivalent to over $75,000, that certain shoplifter is considered to have committed a second-degree offense, which is punishable by up to $150,000 fine and five to ten years imprisonment. However, those who have stolen an item or items of $500 to not more than $75,000 in value are considered to be committed a third degree offense, which is punishable by $15,000 fine and three to five years in prison. Items stolen with a value of more than $200 but not more than $500 have committed a fourth degree offense and are punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and up to 18 months imprisonment. To those shoplifters who have stolen an item or items with a value of less than $200 will face a punishment of not more than 10 days in jail. However, this is not the only punishment that the offender will serve because the storeowner has the right to recover restitution and court costs, which is obviously a big amount for the offender to pay.

This is a good law for the storeowner’s side keeping them safe from shoplifters. Shoplifters on the other hand must take note that if they were to commit mistake in any store in New Jersey and found guilty, they will most probably pay for the court costs, legal fees spent by the store, and the shoplifting surcharge and this will normally amounts to $150.

This law in New Jersey applies to all offenders even if they are from a different State.

The author is a topnotch law student who is about to graduate this coming academic year. He is also a staff in a prestigious law firm. With what he had learned from school and his work, he wanted to share it with all of those who need legal guidance worldwide . In this way, he is not only informing and helping the public, but also he was able to refreshed what he had studied and will be a great tool for his journey as he take the bar exam in the future. Continue reading all his articles and you will get the newest news and update in the field of law.


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