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Articles about or concerning Cyber Law, Instant Messaging, Email, Domain Names, and anything that has to do with Cyber Law.
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Fraudulent business our internet property

 Saqib Nazeer Ali (October 04, 2016)  The Internet where virtual reality secured physical intention for trade used comprehensively from either aspect means black and white both are part of online property keep doing business our internet property serving in best manners including polished other as well for earning on behalf of fraudulent behaviors done online which was invented in many ways our internet property. Online .. (Cyber Law)

Questions related to Back Pay Laws

 Meghan Jones (August 29, 2012)  Recovering back pay may be difficult and may take weeks and months. Being well informed about the different laws is the first step in taking the right decisions with regard to recovery. Ignorance of the law results in many individuals suffering when moneys owed to them by way of back pay are delayed or withheld. It also leads to uncertainty and leads to many legal questions. Given below . (Cyber Law)

Commonly Asked Legal Questions about 419 Scam Emails

 Meghan Jones (August 26, 2012)  A 419 scam is an everyday occurrence. It is an attempt to steal money from people based on the premise that extra money will be gained if they advance a small amount of money. Many people fall prey to this scam and are left with a number of legal questions about their rights, the law and the legal recourse available to them. Here are the top questions on the topic answered by Lawyers on . (Cyber Law)

Online Privacy Legislation To Minimize Information Security Breach

 Chye Ni Tan (April 25, 2011)  A majority of today’s world population uses the internet, but it also poses a risk for their personal information being stolen. Information security breach is becoming so common and effecting millions. In 2006 the Department of Veterans Affairs suffered a massive security breach when an unencrypted laptop with data on millions of veterans was stolen. A government report last year . (Cyber Law)

Crime and crowds: fending off online fraudsters

 Adam R. Singleton (December 22, 2009)  Crime has a tendency to follow crowds. On holiday, you’ll notice that many of the tourist areas have a reputation for pickpockets; and as more and more people have moved their shopping, banking and social activity into the online arena, criminals haven’t taken too long to catch on there too. Indeed, clearly pickpocketing isn’t a concern on the World Wide Web: but .. (Cyber Law)

Shoplifting In New Jersey Will Cost You More

 Alen Lew (June 04, 2009)  Shoplifting varies from state to state. Normally for this type of case, shoplifters are faced to do community service, fines and jail time. However, New Jersey has a different way of punishing up their shoplifters that is a bit interesting. Storeowners in New Jersey are by far secured from shoplifters because they will not only be able to recover all the monetary losses due to .. (Cyber Law)

A Parents Guide To Helping Their Young Offenders Though Their Day In Court

 Jonathon Pyzer (March 15, 2009)  In all of the provinces of Canada, the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) is the body of law that establishes the procedures for youthful offenders. The YCJA covers young people who were between 12 and 17 years old when they committed the action of which they stand accused. When a person in this age group breaks the law in Toronto, Ontario, the authorities will refer to YCJA to .. (Cyber Law)

The Dangerous Effects Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

 Bob Schuster (February 23, 2009)  Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless and odorless gas produced by the incomplete burning of material containing carbon. You can't see it, smell it or taste it but carbon monoxide can cause serious illness or death. It has been referred to many times as the “silent killer” and is the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) .. (Cyber Law)

What to Expect From Jury Duty

 Bob Schuster (February 23, 2009)  Let’s face it, no one likes getting a jury duty request. The first sign that you will heading down the bureaucratic path is when you receive a letter in the mail regarding a trial date and time that you’re expected to arrive. Your name can end up on the prospective juror list if it’s in one or more databases, including voter registrations, utility bills, driver’s . (Cyber Law)

How to Become a Student in the US

 Theodore Olsen (February 22, 2009)  You’ve finished school. You’ve got your whole future ahead of you. Lots of questions. Lots of possible answers. One possibility is to continue your studies in the US. But how do you go about it? What steps do you take to ensure that your American educational experience is a success? Choosing a School The first thing you have to consider is which US school is right for you. .. (Cyber Law)

How Computers Are Used For Forensics

 Eric Gehler (September 16, 2008)  Decades ago, proving the guilt or innocence of someone who had been charged with a crime had to be accomplished without reviewing computer files. Today, forensic scientists regularly collect and review files hidden on computers. The data they find can be invaluable. For example, it can prove that a defendant was knowledgeable about criminal details and communicated them to another .. (Cyber Law)

Privacy Series - The Right and the Expectation of Privacy on the Internet

 Bryan Waters (August 15, 2008)  Do you have a right to online privacy? Do you actually have online privacy? Most people who use the Internet have no idea of how little privacy they actually have. The searches you perform are not private. These are saved by the major search engines. The sites you visit are not private. Your visits are recorded in the site's log files. The ad companies use cookies to track your .. (Cyber Law)

Cyberbullies Are Going Down!

 Elizabeth Bennett (August 14, 2008)  The internet can be ones best friend or worst enemy. It is a great tool in networking and conducting business. Plus, staying in touch with friends and loved ones across the country. Its much cheaper than making long distance calls and a lot quicker than the postal service. However, it has its downfalls as well. It can also be ones worst enemy, especially with teens and young people .. (Cyber Law)

Public Records Pro Review How to Search Public Records on the Internet?

 Victor Carr (July 26, 2008)  Do you want to learn how you can search for public records on the internet? Public records about a person can include their birth and death certs, marital records, driving, criminal, real estate, immigration records and many others. 1. What Is Public Records Pro? These legal documents are created when important events occur during the person's life, and they can be accessed via online .. (Cyber Law)

Internet Safety Cyber Bullying it Can Be Beaten

 Dr. Peter James (July 11, 2008)  Introduction I shall be covering five topics in this article, all are interlinked, and all are forms of ‘Cyber-Bullying’. Just because you do not see your aggressor, face-to-face does not diminish the impact they can have on a victim or victims as an ‘Invisible’ perpetrator. No one is exempt from the tactics used by the ‘Cyber-Bullies', young or old, .. (Cyber Law)

Cyber Bullying Goes Federal and MySpace Fakery Could Be a Crime

 John Teakell (June 16, 2008)  In a highly unusual use of a federal law in which legal experts describe as “creative" and “aggressive, " a St. Louis, Missouri woman has been indicted in what may be the country's first case of cyber-bullying. Federal prosecutors say Lori Drew, 49, and others created an account on the social networking site MySpace pretending to be a 16-year-old boy to fool her neighbor, .. (Cyber Law)

Privacy And Search Engines

 Benjamin Nicolau (January 02, 2008)  Data, privacy and web search engines. The Spanish authority of data protection set up international positions. The Spanish Agency of Data Protection has done a report and a public communication in which keeps an coherent attitude according to the topic and the National and International repercussions. Then, as publishers are responsible for the content in accordance with the laws that . (Cyber Law)

Whether Instant Messaging Can Lead to Defamation

 Michael A. Goldstein (July 24, 2007)  Instant messaging or “IM” a technology permitting users to send and receive text messages to one or multiple parties without a time delay between sending and receipt of the message is a powerful tool. Using this technology is similar to having a conversation with another person; just like that person was in the room with you. The difference is that the two or more people may . (Cyber Law)

Legal Music Downloading

 Jakob Culver (July 05, 2007)  Internet Music downloads have come a long way in a small amount of time. Just a few years ago music companies and individual artist were in an uproar over music download sites. Music download sites such as Napster allowed online users to share and download music for free. Many individual citizens that would never consider doing something illegal figured it was okay to get the music for .. (Cyber Law)

Issues With Trademarking Your Domain Name

 Richard Chapo (June 25, 2007)  Protecting intellectual property rights should be a critical step for any business. With an online business, protecting a domain name is all the more critical. Nothing is more aggravating than having someone infringe upon your domain name. The question for many sites, then, is how to go about protecting the domain. Filing for a trademark is one of the more popular and effective .. (Cyber Law)

Why Site Owners Must Know California Internet Regulations

 Richard Chapo (June 25, 2007)  Most sites on the web are at least faintly familiar with the implementation of legal regulations related to their sites. Most, however, have never heard of the California Catch-22. Most sites tend to view complying with legal regulations as a somewhat amorphous subject. You know you are supposed to do something, but are not particularly sure why or what to do. This leads to the rather .. (Cyber Law)

The Implication of CALEA Compliance on Network Monitoring Services

 Caitlina Fuller (June 09, 2007)  CALEA compliance is very important when it comes to a network monitoring service. And, individual entities are required to review the regulations and then determine how the CALEA regulations apply to their business and network monitoring services. For example, a carrier of telecommunications may interpret the CALEA regulations in different ways and as a result comply in different ways. . (Cyber Law)

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