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There is nothing that stops your life from moving on in several other areas of life like having a criminal record; most people will do anything to avoid having one but as it were, there are times when you simply get caught up in an issue. The trouble with having a criminal record is that whether you are talking to a prospective employer, landlord or even when you are looking for admission in a school, every one of these people will try looking whether you have a criminal record. You may have heard the best criminal defenses Las Vegas and you ended up with an acquittal but every time you answer yes to that important question it feels like you are being prosecuted a second time for a mistake whose price you already paid.

The good news is that with a good Las Vegas defense lawyer you can have your criminal records expunged; this will see you leave a bad chapter of your life behind so that no one reminds you about your past misdemeanors again. Expungement refers to a legal process through which all your criminal records get destroyed so that it appears like you never committed any misdemeanor. Any experienced Las Vegas defense attorneys will show you the process through which the copy of those records may remain available only for reference in any potential future cases so that you can easily answer anyone that you don’t have a criminal record.

During the process of expungement, you may hear your Las Vegas criminal lawyer using a word such as sealing; this word is used interchangeably with the word expungement and they mean one and the same thing. There may be a few variations from one state to another regarding the crimes where expungement can be effected and under what circumstances. You need to talk to a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas to explain to you what is applicable in your area. However, in most cases, some of the cases that apply include first time misdemeanors or non-violent felonies; you cannot have violent felonies expunged under any circumstances. There are also different states that allow for the expungement of juvenile criminal records as well as others where expungement will include all arrest records but not conditions.

While federal crimes cannot be expunged in many cases, there is only one exception where it becomes clear later that a conviction could have been unconstitutional or in cases where misconduct is discovered on the side of government. If and where expungement becomes allowed, all records such as DNA evidence, fingerprints or pictures that are kept in any court files, law enforcement facilities or detention centers will get expunged.

The specifics of the procedure vary from state to state and, as such, you want to get advice from a Las Vegas NV lawyer who is well informed about your local laws. Lawyers in Vegas will tell you whether your crime is eligible for expungement but you must have completed the sentence given in regards to your crime; speak to the best criminal attorney in Las Vegas to help you file a written request so the process can begin.


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Information That You Get in a Criminal Record
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