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6 Steps to Select a Denver Sexual Assault Defense Attorney for a Successful Defense

Bruce Markey

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Being charged with a *** crime is not only stressful but literally dangerous for one’s life and career. But once facing such charge the defender need to stay cool and composed and make mental preparation for the legal proceedings. Majority of such cases are concerning first time offenders and so it is very unlikely that they will have any idea of legal proceedings concerning such crime. To put strong defense against the charge the accused needs an attorney. But a general lawyer taking up any criminal case will not be suitable for such capacity. In states like Colorado where the law is strict against *** offenses only an experienced Denver *** assault defense attorney can come to rescue for the accused. Here we provide guidance for selecting an attorney for *** offense in 10 steps.

1. Maintain silence about the crime, even with friends and family members

The toughest thing after facing such a stressful charge is to keep quiet and refraining from seeking sympathy from near ones including friends and family members. Telling people about innocence or how one gave into the forces of the situation would only make you feel nervous and unhappy about the incident. It is rather more effective to quiet until the accused meets the attorney who will take the responsibility of defending the case.

2. Look for a specialized criminal attorney specialized in *** offenses

The penal codes concerning a sex crime are very complicated and needs expertise and experience of a specialized lawyer in such cases to make a valid defense. So, a general attorney without any specialization is not a choice for defending such charges. Furthermore, even within the broader category of *** assault you can choose specialized attorney in the particular type of offense. For instance, if one is charged with a child *** assault offense he should look for a criminal attorney specialized in such cases.

3. Take reference from other lawyers

If the accused already knows an attorney in his office or in his business or knows an attorney as close acquaintance, he can seek reference from them. One can reasonable seek reference and but refrain from telling the whole story, because it may turn into a gossip causing negative emotional feedback on the accused.

4. Carefully evaluate the law firms

When evaluating the law firms there are certain parameters that one needs to look for. It is recommended to not make a call until evaluation of the firm from all possible angles. Is the firm is specialized in defending sex crime? How many years of experience they have in defending sex crimes? How many cases of *** assault they have defended successfully? These are the questions to be asked for evaluating the law firm before giving them a call for appointment.

5. Schedule a consultation with the attorney

Now as soon as the process of evaluation is finished one needs to contact the attorney for an appointment in person. If the accused is in custody one of the entrusted person should take the attorney to release the accused in bail.

6. Be ready with the questions for meeting with the attorney

Before meeting the attorney you need to do a little bit homework. Be ready with the police report concerning the charge. The accused needs to ask the attorney about the meaning of the charge and penalties one can be subjected to if proven guilty of the crime. Now the accused can consult about the possible line of defense and to what extent it can be defended.

Peter Albani Law is a criminal defense law firm in Denver, led by Peter Albani who has 30 years of experience in defending criminal cases such as dui, domestic violence, child abuse, *** assault ( ), drug charges, vehicular assault, and violent crimes, etc. For more on *** assault defense, visit .


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