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What Is Drunk Driving and How Do We Stop It?


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What is drunk driving? Most everyone understands the definition, but not everyone understands how serious the problem really is. States are lowering the allowable alcohol concentration in an effort to curtail it, but it still exists because people do not follow the law including those who are not even old enough to drink legally.

The Increasing Problem in America

The problem of drunk driving in America has not abated over the years in spite of changes in the laws and stiffer penalties. Why is that? Perhaps the major problem is in spite of stiffer penalties many states do not enforce the laws that are on the books, and in many states the penalty is a simple slap on the wrist. There are too many variables that come into the picture that prevent those with a history of drunk driving to face the charges they should ultimately face. Some of the problems that exist within the communities and courts include but are not limited to the following:

  • Lack of staffing to follow up on those who multiple DUIs or DWIs
  • Failure of the legal system to impose maximum sentences on repeat offenders
  • Inaccurate test results
  • Failure of the court system to have previous records before them when they are presented with cases
  • Failure to follow up on required terms of probation
  • Refusal of convicted drivers to abide by the law and continuing to drive even when they lose their licenses

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Problems with Teenage Driving

In addition to those with multiple convictions of drunk driving, there is also the problem of under age drunk driving. Not only are these drivers not old enough to drink but they are also inexperienced. This creates an even more dangerous situation because these drivers do not have a clue how to continue focusing when they get alcohol in their system. They are inexperienced drivers and too young to properly handle alcohol, so the potential for a fatality is increased ten-fold or more.

Hiring a Lawyer after an Accident

Many people are never caught drinking and driving until they have an accident and need to hire a drunk driving accident lawyer. Unfortunately when you reach this point you are likely to face a lawsuit in addition to possible jail time, especially if it involves death or serious injury. The problem of drunk driving is a serious one that is not likely to go away any time soon.

What is drunk driving and why does it exist? The problem with drunk driving in America is primarily the lack of respect for the law—too many people think the law is for everyone else but them. Unfortunately this attitude is not limited to adults—there is too much under age drunk driving occurring and likely for the same reason—lack of respect for the law. The only change that is likely to occur (and then only temporarily) is when some of these drivers have to hire a drunk driving accident lawyer because their actions caused serious injury or death.


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