When to Choose a Lawyer for Your Business

Lora Davis

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For most business owners, the decision on whether to engage business law attorneys is normally like the decision you need to make on whether you are going to see a doctor. Suppose you have some serious chest or back pain, chances are slim that you will hesitate to look for a doctor or rush to the emergency room for treatment. However, if you are just dealing with a bad cold, in most cases you will take chances and wait for a few days hoping and praying that it doesn’t turn into pneumonia when you will be forced to drag yourself to a doctor’s office. Similarly, business law attorneys should be consulted whenever you have a serious legal problem; take an example of when you are being investigated for anything like securities fraud or when a customer is injured by your product.

There are other instances however when things may not be so clear; most people are not sure whether you need to involve business law attorneys when they are starting a business or when they are dissolving one; buying or selling a business or even when they are hiring a high-level employee. It is an open secret that there are legalities that pervade even the smallest business decision, most business people are afraid of facing even the smallest legal matter without consulting business law attorneys. On the flipside are those who may have had bad experiences with business law attorneys and they will not touch one with a ten-foot pole.

The truth of the matter is that while there are things that you can easily do on your own, there are a few others where you will definitely require that advice of competent business law attorneys; the problem with most people is that they are not able to tell the difference. This article will look at a few examples of situations where you definitely require that advice of a lawyer so that you can avoid making seemingly small but fairly expensive mistakes. For example, if you have a business partnership and you and your partners would like to make some special allocations regarding profits and losses in your partnership agreement or Limited Liability Company operating agreement; you can be sure that this is a tricky area where you will definitely need the input of competent business law attorneys.

If you are buying a business and there is a serious environmental issue that comes up; you want to ensure that you are not in contravention of environmental protection laws that carry extremely heavy penalties, business law attorneys will come in handy. You could also be faced with a situation where a current or former employee threatens to file a suit against your business for discrimination or *** harassment; you don’t want to face the court on your own. When it comes to making business decisions, remember that it only takes a small mistake to cost you and your business partner great losses that could even bring your business down; always consult the best law firm in San Diego when you are in doubt.


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