What is the Green Card Lottery About?


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The green card lottery is where the Department of State annually awards green cards to immigrants. This is a lottery that is done by a random computer selection. The technical term for it is the Diversity Visa program. The people that conform to the rules and learn to speak English will be able to enter the lottery program.

This is a great way for people that want to become residents of the United States without having to wait for many years. The immigrants that want to apply will have to obtain an application so that they can fill out the necessary paperwork in order to become a legal candidate for this program. This is a once in a lifetime chance for a lot of people and they will take the opportunity very seriously.

You can find the application for this green card lottery online. There are many federal websites that will help people obtain the applications so that they can get a head start on applying for this great program. Once the application is filled out and sent in, it will have to be reviewed. Once the government approves it, that applicant will then be placed in the lottery. There are no paper entries allowed anymore. It all has to be done online or electronic.

There are 50,000 green cards that are given out to many immigrants from all over. These people have complied with all of the rules and taken the time to do all paperwork and make themselves eligible for the program. The individuals that apply must have a high school diploma and two years in an occupation requiring at least two years of training or experience.

Each applicant is limited to one application in the green card lottery. If there is more than one application received, the individual will be disqualified. It is important to follow the instructions and the rules completely. There are so many qualified people that are thrown out of the green card program each year because of the multiple applications that are submitted.

If qualified a husband and a wife may apply to the green card lottery. They may each submit one application and it either is selected into the lottery the other would be entitled to derivative status. This will allow both of them to be entered into the United States. All of the entries must include the name, date and place of birth of the applicant’s spouse and all natural children.

This is an opportunity that you have to sign up for early in the game or you may miss your chance for approval. It is something that most people only dream about and knowing that there is the green card lottery leaves hope in the minds of many people that they will one day be allowed the same freedom of living in the United States.

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