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Hurdles to Pay Road Tax


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Road Tax as the name indicates is levied on vehicles purchased by any citizen of the country. One needs to pay road tax before the vehicle forays on the roads. The percentage of tax is totally dependent on the states and every state has different calculations. One needs to pay road tax on both 4 wheelers and two-wheelers.

Our government has given the option of vehicle road tax online payment. The owner of the vehicle simply needs to open the page of the respective RTO and then they can pay road tax by entering the vehicle registration number and the Chassis number. To make the vehicle road tax online payment you need to select the mode of payment to complete the entire process. Some people might not feel this process to be the most convenient one, because of the lack of internet knowledge. In such cases to pay a road tax of private vehicle, you can simply visit the respective zonal registration Office. You need to pay just once for private vehicles. To pay a road tax of commercial vehicles the same needs to be deposited at the Headquarters of the Transport Department in the Account Branch. Some citizens might not find the process easy but certainly vehicle road tax online payment is hassle-free as compared to physical payment.

Apart from the mode of payment, some other hurdles to pay road tax is to understand the tax rate, cancellation policy, refund policy, amendment, etc. So far as the rate of road tax is concerned every state has its own percentage and can be easily checked in the local RTO. at times people don’t understand the reason to pay road tax, but it is essential to pay so that we can have better roads and highways in our city where we are using the vehicle. The government uses those funds to build a better road and helps the vehicle owners. Some owners find it difficult to collate the necessary documents to pay road tax. But if you follow the instructions then the vehicle owners actually do not require too many documents.

At any point of time if the vehicle owner decides to discard or scrap the vehicle before 15 years from the date of registration then the vehicle owner must cancel the registration and process the refund. In case the owner had to pay road tax in some other state and was using the vehicle in some other state, then a refund can be claimed from the RTO where the vehicle was initially registered. Vehicle road tax online payment gives the vehicle owners the option and also instructs how to proceed with their other requirement; it certainly saves a lot of time and energy.

Vehicle owners must pay road tax and follow all the instructions correctly. Irrespective you pay online or in the respective RTO physically, you can get a lot of assistance from the local authorities and complete the process. Our government has provided its citizens with some benefits which can be used effectively with some basic knowledge also.

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