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The 5 Key Benefits of Using A Local Solicitors


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In the 21st Century, if you require legal services your first port of call may be the internet rather than your local firm. Nowadays, there are many firms who can deal with your case over the phone and through the internet, which meansthere is no need to go local. Yet, despite living in an online age, many of us continue to choose local solicitors – and there are a good number of reasons why. In this article we’ll be exploring why we still owe allegiance to local solicitors and why going online isn’t always cheaper and faster.

First things first, though, why would you not use a local solicitors?

● One particular reason for going through the internet is the potential money saved. You can use a comparison site and seek out the best deal. cost-wise anyway.

● Many of the solicitors you’ll find online are larger operations and specialise in certain sectors, a dedicated team for conveyancing for example.

With that said, there are far more compelling reasons to actually go the local route.

1. Face-to-face contact

This is number 1 on the list and most important. Face-to-face contact cannot be underestimated in any environment and this is no different. To actually be able to walk into a solicitors (whether you’re in Berkshire or Bridgend) and deal directly with a person and have your questions answered is priceless.

Most of us would rather avoid call centres where possible. There’s something about being able to see a person face-to-face whilst doing business that provides a level of assurance. Not to mention, it is much easier to understand any advice they are giving as it’s far easier and effective to convey information to one another in person – far fewer misunderstandings ensue.

2. Local Knowledge

Who has more knowledge of law in Berkshire then solicitors located in Berkshire? You can benefit not only from their years of legal experience in general but also their years of local experience which can be equally valuable. It is a distinct advantage to have someone working on your behalf who knows the ‘lay of the land’ and has necessary contacts to resolve any matter in a timely and efficient way along with a positive outcome. This is especially important when it comes to residential and commercial conveyancing.

3. Client focused

That all important personal touch. They are focused on you, the client. This is something you don’t get in the more faceless company dealings where you are more likely just a case number. Using solicitors in Berkshire means that they can adjust to suit you; not a one size fits all, but a structured approach to your individual situation. You want to find a solicitor who cares and one where you can receive the required time and attention.

4. Reduced transaction times

Working directly with solicitors in your local area should also equal a quicker resolution of your case. No-one wants the stress and frustration of a legal matter going on and on -so you’ll want the speediest end to it you can plausibly find. This is mainly becauseyou will be working so closely with them and checking in regularly. This ensures they are less likely to get side-tracked with other cases and projects.

Ultimately, it depends on you and your individual needs. Local solicitors offer a physical, dependable service you can access whenever necessary. Knowing precisely who you are dealing with ensures that you receive the right level of service (and can cause a stink if this service is not provided!). It also ensures that you are in the loop at all times. There are only a few cases in which a local team may not be the right choice; if you have a very niche legal need for example – or need the power of a very experienced, powerful legal firm in The City.

Blandy and Blandy are solicitors located in berkshire , offering expert legal advice and support across the Blackwater Valley area.

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