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Guide to Instilling Safety Values in School Children


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Now that your child is old enough to be finally off to school, it is important for parents along with educators to consider ways to instil values of basic safety I them. With the rampant increase in the number of rash drivers, child snatchers and a myriad of other external risks that children are put at risk of at a day to day basis, Personal Injury Lawyer in Vancouver are consciously taking measures to educate educational institutions and parents on ways to ensure safety for their children –

1. If your child is only just started going to school, as a parent it is your responsibility to accompany your child to the school or the bus stop till the point you are confident that he is familiarized him or herself with the walking rout.

2. While you walk with your child make it a habit to point out homes of people you know and shop establishments with owners who know you that come on the way.

3. It is important that make sure that your child knows what bus he or she is expected to ride. Additionally, teach the importance of stepping back from the curb until the bus has come to a complete stop.

4. If possible get in touch with other parents and find a way to create a buddy system for your child. There is always safety in numbers and if your child is able to find a group of friends with whom he can stand at the bus stop or walk back home, you as a parent will be more at ease.

5. Now that your child has begun to walk to school or to the bust stop alone, it is important that you also teach them how to safely cross the street. Teach them how to walk within the crosswalks, inform them about the traffic rules, show them what each and every sign means and how to look in both directions for moving cars before they cross the street. Remind them never to enter a street from between two parked cars or from behind a bush or tree that hides your figure.

6. Your children must be taught how to say now. Tell them that it is ok to refuse an offer from a stranger or from someone who makes them feel less comfortable. Maintain an open dialogue with your children to stay updated on who they interact with in the day

7. Help your children memorize all important phone numbers. If needed, write them down and ask them to carry it along in a safe place. Also teach your children how to make phone calls and use public phones in case of an emergency.

8. An interesting way to ensure safety for your children is by setting rules that make sure your child is not allowed to go anywhere with anyone without a parent’s permission. You can also start a family password system where they are allowed to go with the adult provided they know the family password.

It is recommended that with the help of role playing games and dinner table discussions you relay different situations with your child to make sure they are on the same page as you are when it comes to the safety values they have come to develop.

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