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An Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney Provides Invaluable Help


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When you have to use an Atlanta truck accident attorney you will find that he or she will provide more than just legal representation.

One of the most important considerations to keep in mind is the damage that can be done when a commercial truck or carrier is in any type of an accident. These massive vehicles are easily capable of completely destroying any type of personal use car or truck. The danger is not just with the truck but with the trailer, load and materials that the truck may be carrying. Since injuries and death are more common when the big rigs are involved, it is essential to contact and start working with a truck accident attorney.

Many truck drivers own their own rigs, but an even greater number are working for a trucking company. Regardless of where that company is located, if the accident happens in the state of Georgia then all Georgia Department of Transportation laws are upheld. Federal laws have also been put in place to prevent companies from using drivers that are not tested and qualified. All drivers must have a CDL which is a commercial driver's license. To get this license they must pass a written and skills test as well as a medical and eye examination. However, even with this license it is still up the trucking company that hires the trucker or contracts with them to make sure they are professional and qualified for the types of trucking jobs they are being given.

One of the big roles that your Atlanta truck accident attorney will help you determine is just what companies and people are actually a part of the lawsuit. It is possible that there may be several different insurance companies and individuals named in these types of suits. Individual drivers, trucking companies, contractors, lease holders for the tractor or trailer and any number of other entities could be a party to the lawsuit. This is very complicated and the individuals involved are not going to be helpful. Your attorney will have the ability and the means to track down who needs to be a party to the suit and what their responsibility and liability should be.

However, your attorney will do more than just provide insight into your legal options. He or she will be there to explain the process and provide information on what you can expect at each step along the way. Often this is a very difficult time especially in a situation where a death or serious injury has occurred in the accident. The lawyer will provide you with information on what you will need from your doctor, how to keep accurate medical records and information and even on specialists or second opinions you may need.

Another factor that your Council can discuss with you is what you can reasonably expect in a settlement. This is a good way to be realistic in understanding what financial compensation for your loss or injury you may expect. Since many of these accidents cause long term health issues, your attorney will also be able to provide evidence to the insurance company or the court to that effect. With this information a more accurate settlement can be determined.

Trying to deal with the difficulties of handling the aftermath of an accident and the insurance and legal issues is more than anyone is capable of handling. Working with an Atlanta truck accident attorney allows you to focus on your health or the health of your loved ones while the legal experts take care of getting you the settlement that will address your current and future financial needs.


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