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It is always painful to part with a loved one, particularly a family member who is ill, but millions of Americans find that they cannot care for the needs of their relations and are forced to find a nursing home in which they can live. The selection of a good nursing home that will attentively care for their needs can be difficult, and many are misled into choosing the wrong home. It is estimated that around 35,000 elderly people die prematurely in nursing homes every year due to neglect or abuse. And while many will blame themselves for selecting the wrong nursing home for their elderly loved one, the fault lies entirely with the nursing home operator, who should be held accountable.

Nursing homes are obligated to have enough staff members to provide all of the care listed in the plan. The Nursing Home Reform Act requires nursing homes to “provide services and activities to attain or maintain the highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being of each nursing home resident in accordance with a written plan of care. " However, nursing homes frequently ignore this responsibility of theirs and residents are not cared for. Neglect of this sort includes not being assisted to the toilet, being left in bed to develop bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration, being over or under medicated, not being properly cleaned, and generally being ignored. This neglect, both intentional and unintentional, causes serious injury that could result in the premature death of the resident.

Outright, intentional abuse of nursing home residents includes emotional, financial, psychological, *** and verbal abuse, not just physical abuse. *** abuse includes any unwanted *** contact, forced nudity, inappropriate photography, or battery. Physical abuse can include battery, unreasonable and dangerous restraints, inappropriate use of drugs on a patient, and refusing to help or transport a resident. Emotional (psychological, mental) abuse includes verbal harassment, intimidation, ignoring and excluding the resident, and isolating him or her from friends and family who live in or come to visit the nursing home. Of course, not all forms of abuse are listed here, so consult with an attorney if you feel that you or your family member is being abused or neglected.

Anything trauma, whether emotional, physical, or social, which a nursing home resident sustains which could have been prevented or was caused by the staff is a criminal offense and if you or a loved family member has suffered nursing home abuse or neglect, you should find a nursing home abuse/neglect lawyer who can prosecute those who are guilty. However, due to time constraints (statute of limitations), it is important to speak to an attorney and file the suit as quickly as possible. Help stop nursing home abuse, neglect, and malpractice and be compensated for your or your family member’s injury. Talk to a nursing home abuse/neglect lawyer today!

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