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What to Do When You Have a Mini Or Major Car Accident

Harry R. G. Becker

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Introduction: Each of my articles starts with these few words of wisdom. If you have already read them, they most likely will be a great refresher. If you are reading them for the first time they should be of enormous value as you daily apply them. First, Beginning is half done! That applies to everything that you undertake to achieve. No further explanation needed. Second, Learn from a Mentor NOT from experience. Why? Experience is the most time consuming and costly way to learn anything. Learning from a Mentor is the most profitable and fastest way to learn anything.

Here is a true story about a lady who had her car backed into by another driver in a convenience store parking lot. It probably happens often because of how busy a lot of these convenience stores are but that isn't of much comfort when it happens to you. She got the name, phone number, license plate and car information along with the car insurance information from the driver. She then contacted his insurance company and explained what had happened. In the mean time, he also called his insurance company and totally denied any wrong doing on his part regarding her claim against him. They, that is, his insurance company refused to reimburse her for the $1,100.00 damage done to her car. Needless to say she was very upset and actually stumped as to what her next move should be. Then she remembered that she had a 1-800 toll free number that she could call anytime she had an issue, including but not limited to the one currently confronting her. She picked up the phone and called it. She also needed to make several calls back to the insurance company. This all took about another 10-14 days. That was it. The insurance company cut her a check for the $1,100.00 repair estimate that she had presented to them earlier for the work needing to be done on her car. This mom knew how to get what was rightfully hers and she got it. You can too.

Information about the toll free number mentioned above can be found at the bottom of this article by visiting the Author bio section tere. Also, directions for getting the daily life issues remedied or solved that are troubling and stressing you out are also there.

Start getting rid of the stress in you life now. Turn your problems over to someone who knows how to quickly and fairly resolve them for you. Know ahead of time too that If the issues or problems that you present to that person are quite common and usually resolve themselves with only the passage of a little time, that person will tell you that right up front. How sweet life can be when you know the right people. Refer to the Author bio below for Free help, details. Also, watch the Free mini video there that will change your life for the better as soon as you watch it.

God bless you with all of the abundance, good health, happiness, and prosperity that you will allow yourself to have.

Harry R. G. Becker is helping people across the USA and Canada to get their problems solved like the richest man who ever lived, King Solomon, advised: “Where no counsel is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors, there is safety. " (Proverbs 14:11)" This author and over 1 million happy people are already receiving these wonderful benefits. All this for $35.95 a month, less than a good cup of coffee a day and it also includes the Identity Theft Shield. Mini movie gives Free help & details on the Web Site below. SHARE the movie with you friends. They will Love you for it. Beginning is half done.


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