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Can the Police Lawfully Lie to You to Get a Confession?

Robert Davis

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A long time reader posed this interesting question because it happened to her last week. She readily admits that she was guilty of the crime, a misdemeanor, but the police officer lied to entrap her.

The general question she asked was, can they lie? Don't they have laws against such practices? What about their oath to be honest?

The answer might surprise many of you! A police officer is permitted to say almost anything to prove you are guilty of a crime. It's unethical, but lawful. Many courts have ruled in favor of officers that “fabricated" a story or lie to get a confession from a so-called suspect.

An example often practiced:

Two suspects arrested, brought to jail, separated in different cells. Detective John speaks to suspect A, tells him suspect B just “confessed" to him that “both" were involved in a crime. Suspect A, who originally stated he was not involved, now changes story and confesses, and through that confession implicates both of them. Detective now has evidence to charged both with crime, through his lie!

Lesson: This is why I tell all, and all attorneys echo this advice as well, shut your mouth and demand representation! A police officer is not lawfully obligated to assist you to prove your innocence at any time.

Please forgive me if I sound harsh by making this statement:

Police officers very careers, promotions, mortgages, their kid's college tuition, their food bills, electric bills, car notes, vacations, and many other bills are paid by their arrests of YOU and I, or anyone suspected of a crime. He is not concern with your problems, your children, your bills, etc. Do you get it? This is their job! Also, they do not decide your GUILT, so don't think you can “explain" your way out of trouble. The proper venue for that is at court! Shut your mouth, period!

Now since I cooled down a bit, let me say another thing. Don't ever, under any circumstances, volunteer anything, unless you are a witness to a crime. The reason why I don't have an issue with this exception is because we all must perform our civic duties. But the constitution “gives’ us all a right not to incriminate ourselves while a party to anything. So the first law, " PROTECT YOU FIRST, PERIOD"!

This author submits professional articles to His articles informs citizens about how to handle different situations when confronted by the police. He is a former award winning police officer. He is also a master in wilderness survival. He studied criminal law at Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is also the author of Legal Minds, a book about the detection and signs of bad cops as well as other law questions (see bio section for more info).

In addition, Mr. Davis has been a featured guest on many television shows detailing how to detect rogue police officers as well as your defense against such officers. This author is working with Author Stephen Peach, the award winning ex swat police officer from California. Mr. Peach is the author of “Friendly fire, good, bad, corrupt cops". He is also working with Mr. Mike Madigan, author of “Twisted Badge". These two authors have also dedicated their lives to exposing rogue cops. Proceeds from his book COP OUT are donated to various charities.


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