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The Three Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself Right Now

Dennis Gac

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You really need to take some time to figure these questions out. What is it exactly that you want? We can help you decide what is important, but no one can tell you what you want. A lot of fathers throw some old facts together on paper about the “X's" ‘wrongs’ and then complain to the judge about how unfair it all is. This will not help you! You need to give examples of why you deserve to get what you want and why your “X" is wrong, not go into court and whine about how unfair it all is. You don't want to sound like a teenager, you want to sound like a competent father!

Secondly, how do you say it to, and who do you not say it to? Being efficient in your case. Are you efficient? Are you smart about this? Or are you throwing mud against the wall? You won't get anywhere by wasting time talking with your “X's" attorney.

Instead save it for the judge. The judge is who will decide what happens in your case anyway. There are times when you can't avoid dealing with the “X" and her lawyer, but don't waste anymore time on them than you need. All talking with them will do is wind you up and waste your time.

Don't waste your breath!

You need to package your message in the right wording and physical layout of the page to look like what the court and the judge is used to seeing. This is where many fathers go wrong! Many fathers wait too long to get started on their paperwork and often throw all of their thoughts together.

Do not do this! We can help you in the writing of your paperwork, or you can do it yourself, but either way you must take the time to make what you want clear to the court and package it in a way that will help you in your case and keep you from looking like an amateur.

Basically, it all comes down to these next few questions:

Why should the judge, Guardian Ad Litem, or Evaluators, give you what you're asking for versus doing what they usually do - going along with the Mother? Why should they choose to do business with you, so to speak, versus any and every other option available to them? Take the time necessary to carefully answer these questions and clearly detail what you want and why, and you will have a successful case.

And third, the “packaging", how are you prepared to deliver the message to the recipients?
Do you do that effectively? Do you do that efficiently? Do you do that in a way that makes your message “easy to follow" and magnetically attracting them to your cause?

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