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Arizona Laws on Speeding Tickets


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Most states might seem to have identical laws on speeding tickets, but there are usually changes that might be quite subtle at times. This goes for Arizona laws on speeding tickets, as well. When you are pulled over and get a speeding ticket, it is best to know the laws in the state, so let us take a look at the Arizona laws on speeding tickets.

Of course, the first thing you have to know while studying Arizona laws on speeding tickets is what the speed limits are. They are as follows.

  • Fifteen miles per hour close to a school crossing.
  • Twenty-five miles per hour if you are in a business or residential district.
  • Sixty-five miles per hour in any other locations.

    Even if you stay within these limits, if for any reason you are judged to have been going at a speed that is not “reasonable and prudent", you can still be issued a speeding ticket.
    Apart from those speed limits, limits can be set in any location or on a highway, so if you see a sign that says what the speed limit is, follow it.

    According to the Arizona laws on speeding tickets, if you decide to go to court, the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff, and not the defendant - the defendant being you, of course. The speed at which you were allegedly traveling and the speed limit at the place where you were issued the ticket will both appear on the summons.

    This means that when you are pulled over, you have to be prudent enough not to make any admissions - when the officer asks you why you think you were pulled over, try not to get too smart or sarcastic, and instead, simply state that you do not know. If you admit anything at this time, it will be part of the officer's notes, and it will count as evidence against you if you intend to challenge the ticket.

    According to the Arizona laws on speeding tickets, if the officer in question does not turn up in court, charges against you can be dropped by the judge. One little trick you can use to make this happen is, when you are pulled over, to ask how you can pay through mail - if the officer thinks you will not challenge the ticket, his notes will not be quite so copious, and there will be more chance of either his not turning up or his being unable to prove you guilty.

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