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Error on Speeding Tickets


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You could not escape it - no matter how much you tried, how much you talked, you have got yourself a speeding ticket. In that case, what you can try to do is see if there is any way you can make the ticket null and void. Check for any error on speeding tickets, every time - you might get lucky.

Of course, if there is a minor error on speeding tickets, it will not make much difference to you. You might be able to argue that it shows negligence on the part of the officer who issued you the speeding ticket, but it does not mean that you will be let off scot free. However, the word of the officer who made an error on speeding tickets is not likely to outweigh your word too much, if you capitalize on that angle.

An error on speeding tickets like the officer not signing the tickets will not be enough to make the basis of your defense in court! If your last name is not quite spelled right, or if you and the officer in question are not quite in agreement with regard to the color of your car, or if the officer gets the number of your house wrong or spells the name of your street wrong, you can take it for granted that these things are not going to make any difference as far as the judge is concerned. These errors on speeding tickets are normal and fairly common, and will not really benefit you.

However, you can rest assured that if an error on speeding tickets is made, such as getting the make and model of your car completely wrong, or getting the name of the place or the highway where you were pulled over wrong, or, more important, getting the statute you were pulled over for wrong - these are things that can be of great help to you at the trial. A good bet is to not mention it until you do get to court - let the officer get on the stand and assure the court that these details are all true, and then you can easily come up and prove that they are not. After the witness has been discredited to that extent, you ought to be able to get all charges against you dismissed quite easily.

If you did not sign for the ticket, it does not constitute an error on speeding tickets that will get you out of trouble, either - but a lot of all of this depends on how well-prepared you are to argue your case.

Gary Pearson is an accomplished niche website developer and author.

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Presumed Versus Absolute Speed Limits in Speeding Tickets
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