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Traffic Tickets Can You Lose Your Drivers License?


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It seemed like every cop had my GPS signal. Every where I went I seemed to get another traffic ticket. The points were adding up on my drivers license. Could I get my drivers license revoked for traffic tickets? You Bet!

I'm a speed demon. I have convertible, I put the top down, play my favorite tunes then bam! the bubblegum lights. As I said, they seem to know were I am. . . even on deserted country roads. I even got one speeding ticket where the County Sheriff added Reckless Driving. . . she said I crossed the center line. I think it was because I was rollin’ about 90 mph. Now I had 8 points on my drivers license. Rats! I found out you could only get 12 points in 12 months and 18 points in 18 months. I already had a traffic ticket for speeding . . . 3 points. Too close to 12!

I remember going online to find a driver improvement course for traffic tickets. I discovered a bunch of online traffic schools that offered a Traffic Ticket Dismissal/ Point Avoidance Course. I took the online traffic school course and completed it in five hours. The Ticket Dismissal Course was fairly easy, it held my interest, time seemed to fly by. Not only was my speeding ticket points removed, the reckless driving points were gone. The other benefit was my fine was reduced by 18%. No small chunk of change. If you are not sure that this is the course you need to take see Ticket Dismissal Course for the course qualifications and course outline.

I found out doing the course that there were plenty of ways to lose points. . . not just speeding. Any moving violation will get you dinged 3 points. Open container(driver) ding! 3 points. Passing a stopped school bus ding! 4 points. There plenty of other violations that will lose you points. Reckless driving, driving during restricted hours and improper equipment to name a few.

The Traffic Ticket Dismissal course was well worth the time. Pete, my college room mate, said it was pretty much the same course outline as the one he took online in Texas. Just a few questions were different, about Texas Traffic Laws. You have to love the internet.

Well, I have slowed down. I don't play any tunes that are jammin', I found out my speed increased when I was rollin’ with the heavy tunes. I didn't lose my drivers license. . . the online traffic school ticket dismissal course took care of the problem.

Dirk Bristol has become a Florida Traffic School expert. Get tips and see all the traffic school courses outlines on his site. Also see my Guardian Angel on the link below.

Visit- Florida Online Traffic


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